Midwestern College Outspent Financial Aid Approvals by Millions on Deceptive Student Marketing

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As student loan servicers have begun canceling student loan debt for those with private loans, many others still face mountains of debt for degrees that earn them less than $28,000 per year.

Baker College, which is headquartered in Flint, a town where many of its residents suffered one of the worst humanitarian crises in the United States, collects hundreds of dollars in tuition fees from students each semester.

“Anybody got in,” she said. “If they could get financial aid, and they had a pulse, you could become a Baker student.” - Jacqueline Tessmer

The college, which boasts fees of $11,000 a semester for a four-year degree, has been accused by some students of defrauding them of a proper education and job prospects. Many students claim that although they have spent upwards of $30,000 on degree programs, their job prospects remain akin to someone who hadn't completed their high completed education. To make matters worse, only 25 percent of students completed their degrees.

According to records, they spent almost $10 million in marketing towards recruiting students amid claims that their job retention rate was at 100% for all graduates. However, to this day more than 70% of their students are having problems repaying their debt almost a decade after attending college. Financial aid grants awarded last year totaled just above $8 million.

The educational institution also paid its president roughly $170,000 in salary for less annual twenty hours of work on average each week. In addition, they enlisted them in their Board of Directors, which is a pure conflict of interest.

The college is currently shutting down campuses, however, its alumni still suffer from financial repercussions.

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