Life Long Disability Recipient Loses Social Security Over Mismatched Property Records

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Many Social Security recipients get denied benefits on their first application due to a variety of reasons. However, tens of thousands of disabled or elderly individuals are also excluded or stripped of their benefits for having the wrong name at the wrong time.

A disabled woman, Mrs. Sims, residing in Minnesota, was receiving benefits in the amount of $766.07 per month. Then one day she received an overpayment letter from the Social Security Administration that said her benefits would be stopped immediately due to having resources of more than the $3,000 allowed.

The woman, who has received disability thought her entire life due to an undisclosed medical condition, was residing in a group home for those who are unable to fully care for themselves at the time. Accused of owning properties that were more than a five hours drive from her residence, Mrs. Sims was advised that she was required to carry the burden of disproving her ownership of the three separate properties in question.

“It was so stressful, I’m surprised I didn’t have a panic attack. When it was over, I looked in the mirror and I had grey hairs.” -Mrs. Sims

Desperate due to having had her benefits abruptly cut off and being rendered ineligible to have them continued by a request for consideration, Sims reached out to Legal Services for assistance. Through her attorney, she reached out to the SSA, constantly providing records to show that her name did not fully match the person who actually purchased the pieces of property.

The ordeal left her stressed out and all but homeless if it hadn't been for housing benefits from the state while she submitted mountains of paperwork.

Eventually, the woman did provide enough evidence for her case to be reconsidered as she gained back her monthly checks. However, it took countless hours of research and left her without benefits for six long months.

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