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Social Worker to Receive $2.9 Million Dollar Settlement After Wrongful Raid

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In the past few years, there has been an influx of reports that police raids were being conducted at incorrect residences. A social worker in the state of Chicago endured a traumatic incident when a wrongful raid was conducted at her home two years ago.

Anjanette Young was at her home one day when police entered during a raid attempt. According to reports, she was made to stand completely nude while the police ransacked the place. During the incident, twelve officers ambushed her home while she was undressing after returning from work.

The person of interest was a man who was reported to have been in possession of a firearm by a confidential informant at the time. However, her pleas that the officers had the wrong home fell on deaf ears. Body cameras reveal that the officers never provided her with an opportunity to cover her naked body to maintain her dignity.

Eventually, a full investigation determined that the woman's rights to a knock and announce warrant were violated as well as reports of insufficient evidence in the process of obtaining the warrant. The Chicago City Council has taken a vote which will award Mrs. Young a settlement of $2.9 million dollars for enduring the entire ordeal.

Several officers involved also received various amounts of disciplinary actions that stemmed from a report by the Civilian Office of Police Accountability, which also confirmed that the suspect's partner resided next to Mrs. Young, however the person that they were looking for lived down the road.

The department has since enacted new policies that include additional body cameras, as well as requiring at least one female officer to be present.

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