93 Year Old Man Loses SSI After Inquiry About Affording His Monthly Rent Payment

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This year more than 50% of the older workforce has elected to retire, especially amid worries about the neverending pandemic. For others, having an affordable retirement is outside of their reach and the one monthly check that they do receive is a lifeline.

One man, Ebrahim Safapay, who was already struggling to cover his bills each month, and also relied on his daughter for help, found himself without his in the span of less than an hour.

The Sausalito area resident, who turned 93 years old not long ago was receiving $300 per month in Social Security Insurance. One day he received a phone call from someone at the office who had inquired about his rental payments of just over $1300 per month, with an income of $900.

When Safapay, who barely speaks English, tried to explain his situation, it didn't produce the intended results, because he was immediately cut off from his benefits. To make matters worse, they advised him that he had an overpayment on his account and would have to repay them $9,000.

According to the representative, he has been receiving an additional income source, which wasn't reported, however, the funds came from his daughter who was helping him cover the gap between his income and his rental obligation.

Ultimately, a local agency heard about the unfortunate situation and agreed to cover two months of rental payments, while his nearly 70-year-old daughter appeals the decision with the Social Security Administration. Social Security benefits will experience an increase in 2022, of 5.9% due to a COLA adjustment.

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