Delta College Cancels $3.6 Million in Student Loan Debt for Struggling Students

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While many people are calling on the Biden administration, which has forgiven roughly $11 billion in student loan debt and counting, borrowers are still struggling to make ends meet. One college has stopped waiting and decided to take matters into its own hands.

Delta College, officially known as San Joaquin Delta College, a local community college located in a small city in California, has taken the needs of their students personally this Winter. According to reports, the school had conducted a survey, which asked questions about each student's financial abilities, and the answers that they received were unexpected.

Many of our students struggle to pay their bills and put food on the table.- Dr. Lisa Aguilera Lawrenson, Superintendent

Survey findings told a story, and the school discovered that more than 60% of the student population were having difficulties making basic ends meet, on top of grappling with tuitions costs and books.

This prompted the Board of Trustees to take a vote, and do something that is typically unprecedented in a college setting. They decided to eliminate the debt of current students as well as past students who attended the financial institution.

The funds will come from money that the college has received via the federal government to combat the Coronavirus epidemic. Although no official date has been set for when the balance books will be cleared, many will have an incentive to return to the college next semester.

As for now, student loan debt remains at an all-time high, and the thousands of student loans affected by this decision are still a drop in the bucket.

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