Need Medicare? Applying for Coverage Just Got Easier

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In the upcoming year, more than 60 million people are expected to reach the age of 65, which will make them newly eligible for Medicare services. Navigating the process can be downright mind-boggling for those who have to sort through the maze of plans, benefits. coverage levels, and prescription qualifications.

CoverRight, a digitized health insurance company, has now made that process easier with its streamlined enrollment service. The company, CoverRight Inc was founded by three licensed insurance agents and entrepreneurs in conjunction with funding from venture capitalist Carthona Capital.

The company offers highly skilled advisors, who are helping retirees deal with the complexity of picking a plan that will affect their health coverage for the rest of their lives. According to research, future enrollees must scour through hundreds of factors to put together a package that covers needs.

Medicare allows you to receive benefits under three different parts:

  • Part A - Hospital insurance
  • Part B - Medical insurance
  • Part D - Prescription drug benefits

Some of the most common mistakes that seniors run into when applying for Medicare coverage are:

  • Missing out on open enrollment
  • Picking the wrong plan
  • Failing to understand penalties
  • Underestimating out of pocket costs
  • Misunderstanding Medigap coverage

CoverRight aims to bridge the gap between needing insurance coverage and getting a plan that's affordable for your financial situation.

Currently, there are thousands of options to choose from when considering where to complete your insurance registration. The best way to protect yourself is to speak with someone who is experienced, has a proven track record, and lower fees.

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