Company Health Insurance May Get More Expensive Depending on Vaccination Status

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As many countries in Europe go into lockdown status due to a resurgence in Covid-19 cases, the debate over vaccination rages on.

The United States, which has accrued just under 48 million cases since the pandemic began, has been battling an uptick since fully reopening and returning to a resemblance of normalcy over the past several months.

For the millions of employees, who have returned back to work in a competitive job market, mask mandates in states such as Texas make their way through the courts. Depending on your employer, your vaccination status may now cost you more money when it comes to your healthcare.

Many companies across the country are now requiring workers who choose not to get vaccinated to incur higher premiums on their employer-sponsored healthcare. If work at one of the following companies, you can expect a larger premium deduction when it comes to your paychecks.

  • Delta Airlines
  • Mercy Health
  • Harmons
  • JP Morgan Chase

According to Delta Airlines CEO," unvaccinated workers will have to pay an additional $200 per month as of the beginning of November".

Federal law allows companies that feature wellness programs for their employees to initiate higher premiums as long as they contain waivers and are anti-discriminatory in nature. These company changes come just over half a year(and in some cases weeks) after many hospital workers sued employers in states including Texas, Massachusetts, Arizona, and Montana over vaccine mandates for employees.

Vaccination rates as a whole, are reported to be more than 93 million as fatalities are quickly outpacing records for the previous calendar year. Exemptions are currently allowed according to CDC guidelines, in all fifty states and US territories including the District of Columbia.

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