Banking is Becoming Affordable Again with the Elimination of Overdraft Fees

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When it comes to your bank account, there are likely two things that you care about more than anything else. A recent poll of consumers shows that overdraft fees and account balances rank extremely high when considering which institutions to park your money in.

As a staggering amount of people in the country are considered unbanked or don't currently use a traditional bank account to store their money, banks have begun to take notice.

The following banks have taken customer needs into consideration and decided to forego billions in profits to cancel overdraft fees.

Ally Bank

Chime Bank

  • Early direct deposit program
  • Short term loan of up to $200 with direct deposit
  • Elimination of overdraft fees
  • Online only bank

Varo Money

Charles Schwab

FIdelity Investments

  • Elimination of overdraft fees on new accounts
  • Automatic purchase declines to protect account balances
  • Previous customers receive fee-free overdraft protection

Last year overdraft fees brought in more than $30 billion in revenue. As consumers are approaching the end of a year with stimulus checks and advanced tax credits possibly expiring, the ability to have an emergency stash is becoming more essential.

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