Uber Inc Offering Cash Strapped Drivers Temporary Sign Up Bonuses

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The Great Recession saw more than 4.3 million workers across the country give up their full-time employment in the name of rage quitting.

Another segment of unemployed workers, many of them women, have lost their positions completely due to a lack of affordable childcare.

Companies that strictly hire people on a contractual basis are taking notice and providing opportunities to fill the gap in income that provide more flexible options.

One of those companies, rideshare hailing platform Uber Inc, a pioneer in the ride-for-hire industry, is offering drivers the potential to earn an average of $18 per hour by allowing contractors to drive on their own time and earn money, in the comfort of your own vehicle.

Currently, once you receive your licensing and permits, you will be able to begin earning immediately and receive a massive $1,500 sign-up bonus after completing the designated number of trips within a specified time frame.

For mothers looking to make ends meet, college students wanting to pay off staggering loan debts, or those looking to earn while getting a business off of the ground, this could provide an excellent way to acquire some startup capital or a steady check to maintain the bills.

If you aren't comfortable having unknown individuals in your car then you can also earn by delivering groceries or take out orders for the following services:

  • Instacart
  • Door Dash
  • Uber Eats

Regardless of what option works best for your situation, an extra grand or two can go a long way in tiding you over until your next paycheck.

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