Amazon Employee Contacts Billionaire Bezos for Lapse in Pay

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A Struggling Mom Reached Out in Desperation with Surprising Results

An Oklahoma woman by the name of Tara Jones was recently out on maternity leave when she began encountering shortages in her paychecks. Instead of letting herself go without the money needed to feed her newborn child, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

She emailed her boss: Jeff Bezos at Amazon Inc.

As one of the richest men alive with a net worth of $204.3 billion dollars, Bezos who has risen to fame as a media giant, ensured that her concerns didn't go unanswered.

New mom Tara, not only got the missing pay that she was looking for but also helped nearly two hundred other employees receive the compensation that they were lacking.

Because of one employee's efforts regarding a shortage of less than $100, equal to roughly a day's pay, Amazon looked into the pay policies of thousands of their employees, and the issues they found prompted them to do what most com[panies of this size would outsource to someone else.

Several changes were also made including:

  • More than 170 employees received back pay
  • Undiscovered wage shortages over a period of six months were rectified
  • Millions of warehouse workers now know that they can contact the owner with a simple correspondence

To someone like Bezos or his CEO Jassy, the amount of discrepancy was worth less than a thousandth of a percentile of their actual net worth. However, it made a huge difference in letting employees know just how much the billionaire cares about them.

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