How Astrology Can Support Your Writing Practise


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“Words in my not-so-humble opinion, are our most inexhaustible source of magic” -Albus Dumbledore

Words are the threads that make up the tapestries of our lives. They are how we connect with our loved ones, work and build our lives. To a certain extend, words are important for everyone. But for writer’s, words are our livelihood. Creating a writing practise is not easy and takes a commitment. Sometimes being a writer can lead to a lonely life, but it doesn’t have to. When we are able to hone our craft and create a practise that works for us, we can open up to all the potential within our minds.

Each of us is capable of bringing that potential into form, but sometimes we need a guide to help us along the way. Instead of trying to do it all alone, we can open ourselves up to the support around us. For some that might mean joining a writer’s group, or taking an online course. For someone else it could look like waking up at sunrise to write while others are still sleeping. There’s no how to manual when it comes to being a writer, and we often have to figure out what works for us through trial and error. This isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. There’s nothing as satisfying as when our words click into place and create a piece of magic we get to share with the world.

My journey did not go as planned. Although I loved to write as a child, in my early adult years I opted to work for businesses and corporations. Somewhere along the way I started learning about astrology. Not only did this open me up to a greater understanding of myself, it led me to begin writing. I felt as though there was so much to explore that when the paper hit the page, the words didn’t stop flowing out.

Astrology has helped me to understand myself, which in turn has led me to be a better writer. By understand the Mercury sign and what it means, we can own our personal communication traits. Looking to the zodiac’s themes can help to influence the characters within our stories and retrogrades are a wonderful time to edit and review our work.

The Mercury sign

Mercury is the planet of communication. Where Mercury was when we were born, indicates our communication styles and habits. When we know our skills, we can own them. Confidence in ourselves is a big part of being a writer; it takes courage!

By learning our Mercury sign, we gain insights into our communication styles. From this place, we can hone our skills and develop our weaknesses.

For example, my Mercury sign is Sagittarius.

Sag energy is far out, expansive, and continuously seeking knowledge. It loves to teach and share. Because it loves to share, it usually has a lot to say. It can often act spontaneously and doesn’t always think things out. It’s exciting energy. It wants to learn, experience new cultures, and is a natural philosopher.

Firstly, I write and speak about astrology for a living, and that’s pretty far out. Secondly, I talk a lot. To say my communication habits are far-reaching would be an understatement. I can own these traits while also developing ideas and sitting with myself instead of continually seeking answers. Sag can come off as a know it all, and I’ve seen how my big mouth has caused some sticky situations. I have learned the importance of thinking before speaking.

Knowing this about myself has helped me become a better writer. It has given me the confidence to write about topics that inspire me and helps me understand why I naturally love to share and teach.

Developing characters

Astrology is full of character ideas. Each planet (and even asteroids) embody certain archetypes, and as they transit the Zodiac, they learn various lessons. For my 2019 Nanowrimo project, I based my characters on the planets and developed the plot based on the Zodiac’s story.

Here’s an example:

My main character, Sunny, was based on, you guessed it, the Sun. She was bright, confident, and turned heads. She was fiery, hot, and creative. Because the Sun creates our world, she also had a self-absorbed side to her; think about what happens to your eyes adjust when looking at the Sun. She was blinding at times.

My story began inspired by the themes of Aries. Aries is the initiation; it’s the beginning. It’s the energy of springtime. My story started with Sunny starting at a new school, meeting all new people.

There is no one size fits all, but learning about Astrology provides an (infinite space) of ideas that any writer can develop.

Reviewing + retrogrades

Not only can astrology help us to know ourselves as writers, understand our moods, and develop our stories; it also helps with editing our work.

Mercury retrograde is when the planet of communication backtracks and reviews what we’ve learned. Mercury retrograde is a cycle that happens three times a year.

Forget the fear-mongering information you’ve heard about the cycle; it’s not about everything falling apart. Instead, it’s about fine-tuning and learning from our mistakes. A retrograde is like taking time to review the course content before writing an exam.

In this sense, retrogrades are fantastic times to review our writing. Of course, we can’t always wait to review during these times, but if we have something sitting on our desktop, a retrograde period is an excellent time for bringing in a fresh set of eyes.


Astrology is a fun way to hone your writing practice and write better content. It helps you to better understand yourself, which adds more to your work. It offers a plan for when to work, when to rest and when to review. Lastly, it adds a layer of depth to your characters and your plots.

Astrology helps get your thoughts out of your head, onto the page, and into the world; which is what being a writer is all about.

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