Drawing Parallels Between History, Celestial Cycles & Current Events


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January 2021 has some powerful astrological alignments. This can feel overwhelming, exciting or even scary. If we look to the stars is can bring context to our current experiences. Astrology is not a tool to predict the future, but instead it gives a forecast to work with.

If we know that it’s going to rain, we can grab our umbrella and create a dryer future.

Mars and Uranus are aligning in the sign of Taurus. Mars is the planet of individuality. Uranus is the planet of evolution, innovation and change. This is a time when like minded ndidicuals join together to create a movement. Whether this movement is good or bed depends on the choices we make.

Current events

I draw parallels between celestial cycles, current events, and periods of history. I cannot tell you what will happen or how to act. I am not here to tell you what to believe. Attach your own meaning and connect your own dots.

Jan. 6

On this date Mars enters Taurus, and we leave the waiting room. It is when the shifts begin to take place in the physical world. Especially things that have been unfolding since July 2020.

The next date that looms on the electoral calendar is Jan. 6. That’s when Congress meets in a joint session to count formally the votes of the Electoral College. -npr.org

In addition to congress meeting Trump supporters are planning a demonstration.

“The BIG Protest Rally in Washington, D.C. will take place at 11.00 A.M. on Jan. 6… StopTheSteal!” Trump tweeted Friday of the rally he’s promised “will be wild.” -Forbes

Jan. 20

Mars, the planet of personal power, and Uranus, the planet of revolution, align on Jan. 20th. An activation happening is in our bones. We can now evolve and reject false narratives that insult our personal power.

In perfect harmony with the celestial cycles of change, Jan. 20 is also Inauguration day in the U.S.

“Inauguration day will take place on Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2021, as per the U.S. constitution.” -independent.co.uk

Mars and Uranus aligning in Taurus signifies the role we each play in the collective evolution. This energy wants us to create a future for ourselves, rather than looking to someone or something for safety.

Safety that comes from anything outside of ourselves may appear solid, but we are learning real wealth comes from within.

Historical Context

Let’s look at some historical events that occurred the last times Mars and Uranus came together in Taurus:


  • The 1st day of the Great Uprising in Palestine


  • Church of England accepts the theory of evolution.
  • Adolf Hitler seizes control of Germany.
  • First color T.V. demonstration
  • N.Y. makes syphilis test mandatory to obtain a marriage license
  • Jewish artisans not allowed in Germany.


  • Britain’s first WWII rationing
  • Nazis forbid Jews to travel on trains.
  • Auschwitz concentration camp was established.


  • U.S. and 25 countries sign declaration against the Axis. History only repeats itself if we let it. Now is the time to look back, gain context so we can move forward choosing differently.

The above historical events quoted from www.onthisday.com

I’ll be honest when researching these historical events, I felt afraid. By outlining this history, I am not aiming to minimize it. My intention is not to reduce the severity of the past or downplay the genocide and tragedy. Instead, I am sharing these parallels to provoke critical thinking while placing the responsibility on each individual. We must make up our own minds about what is currently unfolding.

I trust we collectively hold the power to transform the future, liberate ourselves, and let natural justice reign on this planet.

This time it’s different.

During these current transits, we have Black Moon Lilith at the party. That wasn’t the case from 1936–1942. She’s the archetype of the divine feminine. She’s been dubbed “too much” and often told to sit down and shut up. She’s our innate creativity and our primal force of creation. She lives inside each of us. She’s here, and she wants us to stand up for what is right.

Black Moon Lilith is like the lion who will do anything to defend her cubs. Her presence during this alignment brings an unmatched ferocity to the table. It also delivers a whole lot of emotions and even projections. When we are shut down, we grow resentful. That anger can lead us to lash out or blame others.

Intense emotions are forecast, but let’s see this passion as a valuable resource. Then we can reinvest it into ourselves.

Can we channel passion into something worth our energy, rather than pointing fingers, screaming, and having temper tantrums? Because the latter will ultimately lead to burn out.

Focus on Self

The Torus is self-organizing. Self-Organization Is a process whereby an overall order appears from specific interactions between individual parts of an initially disordered system. The process is spontaneous and happens without control from an external force. The system inherently knows how to create order from chaos. -haradimension.blogspot.com

It’s messy out there. Trying to be the saviour and fix others isn’t going to work. Now is the time to align with the Universe and it’s energy that moves through our bodies. We can think of this as the Torus. We won’t find that connection from the outside world, but when we unlock it within ourselves, our energy impacts the collective.

The torus is the first scientific model that shows that we are distinct individuals, yet we are all interconnected. By learning the power of the toroidal energy and the Universe, we can achieve stress relief, mental clarity and deeper connections with others-www.mindmovies.com

2021 begins with a bang, and what unfolds will set the stage for the rest of history. It’s essential to look in the mirror and remember who you are. It’s not about giving away your life to fear and hate.

It’s about standing in the fullness of who you are, radiating that fire inwards, outwards, and moving through the world as your unique flame.

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