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Does it feel like you are living in a pressure cooker? Like something has got to give? From an astrological perspective, these are intense times. The pressure is here for a reason, and we are each a player in these epic times.

We can look at the stars’ symbolism for guidance and understanding. From there, it’s up to us to bridge the gap between the potential and our realities. We do this by remembering who we are and what it means to be alive.

I don’t use astrology to predict the future, and I do not see it as a science. Instead, as an astrologer, I consider myself an artist. Who is to say whether art is right or wrong? When something moves us, there’s a reason for it. My work uses the celestial characters (the planets) and their settings (the zodiac signs) to provide context to what’s unfolding on Earth.

The planets are not doing anything to us. We are the ones responsible for doing.

Rethinking Taurus

Throughout 2021 major astrological aspects are occurring in the sign of Taurus. Whether or not our sun sign is Taurus, we’re collectively learning the themes of this energy.

Taurus gets labelled as stubborn, hard working and other terms that reflect it’s bull mentality. However, I use the archetype of an orchard.

Think of an orchard — the perfect example of natural abundance. Yes, somewhere along the way, someone planted a tree, but the creation and growth process no longer requires micromanaging. Whoever created the tree does not worry whether it’s doing enough, longing from afar for it to grow faster; instead, the plant receives this energy from the planet. -Analogies, Energies & Celestial Bodies

An orchard is committed to growing, reaching for the sky and providing for others, but it doesn’t burn itself out in the process.

We are children of the universe and life is meant to support us. On Earth, we become orchards; we welcome (and work on) our self-confidence. By receiving Mother Nature’s energetic love, we have far more to share with others — just think about how many apples an orchard generates! A tree simply receives the natural, Earth-force energy and grows fresh fruit; in fact, it grows enough fruit to slice it up and make a salad for the world.-Analogies, Energies & Celestial Bodies

I recently watched a documentary that outlines the Torus Energy Field. I was astonished that both depict the same theme of natural energy flowing from the Universe into existence.

Toroidal energy fields exist around everything: people, trees, the earth, sun, and Universe. It is the key to everything because your entire life is created by and from this place.

The heart’s electromagnetic frequency arcs out from the heart and back in the form of a torus field, which is the oldest structure in existence. Its shape is similar to a donut, with the whole center of it folding upon itself. The torus is said to define the workings of consciousness, such as consciousness having geometry. The energy of this torus is constantly refreshing and influencing itself.-www.mindmovies.com

This has me rethinking what it means to be alive in these humans bodies, and just how powerful we are. Perhaps the following astrological transits are inviting us to step into our personal Torus and align with the universal energy field that surrounds everything.

Uranus in Taurus Transit

Uranus is transiting Taurus from 2018 through to 2026. This planet symbolizes revolution, change, and innovation. These themes are playing out in the area of Taurus, which always comes back to the Earth, the soil, and what I like to call “true value.”

This transit will unveil anything fake, phoney, or shallow. We are learning things we thought were strong are, in fact, hollow. Think about all those vacant skyscrapers in cities around the world. What used to be a symbol of wealth, power, and prestige are now empty. There’s no life inside of them.

It is good news for those who are not attached to false symbols of value. It won’t be so easy if we hold onto the material world. Ultimately, it’s an opportunity to return to the soil and get our feet in the dirt.

It’s a time to align with what’s real, what has a heartbeat, and what is alive.

Pent Up Frustration

Personal power is the real deal. As humans we breathe life into the world. Yes, we can birth literal people, but we can also bring creations, ideas, and intentions into form. Unlike the skyscrapers, we are not empty. We have hearts beating in our chests and plasma pulsing through our veins. We are alive, and that’s a big deal.

Mars is the planet of action and free will. Throughout 2020 Mars was retrograding and experiencing an extended stay in Aries. Usually, this planet zips through a sign within three weeks, but instead, we have been learning profound lessons. Our desire to move forward and break away could be intense, and rightfully so. We’ve been in a collective holding period. Unless we are accessing a source of fulfillment from within, we will feel disempowered.

We’ve been in lockdowns and witnessing a U.S. election unlike any other. No one can clearly say what is happening, and that’s nerve-wracking.

Imagine sitting in a waiting room, waiting for your turn. We’re depending on the person with the power to call us back. Now is the time to abandon the notion that someone else can permit it to be our turn. It is our life, and we must find an outlet for our creativity. No more waiting rooms; it’s time to take action. If we do not, then we will probably be left feeling hopeless, afraid, and disempowered. Not to mention bored and hallow.

Our responsibility is to find an outlet for our creativity, ideally one that’s empowering. It doesn’t matter what others are doing or aren’t doing. If we are willing to change and lift ourselves off that uncomfortable waiting room chair and walk out, then freedom is ours.

The theme here is personal power. We each have it, but what are you going to do with it?

Throughout January, Mars and Uranus are coming together in Taurus. This transit has our personal power and the collective revolution aligning.

We are each a piece of the puzzle.

We are each a tree in the forest.

Individually we are powerful; collectively, we are unstoppable. When we know our role, we will naturally extend our support to others. When we see ourselves as a seedling, we root into the soil and join the forest.

When we know ourselves, and we know our passions, we can share them with the world. When we look to the world to validate us and give us direction, we will just be taken advantage of and used for others’ gain.

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