According to Astrology It’s Time to Defend the Earth


A look at Uranus in Taurus and why it’s relevant.
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Imagine the cosmos conveys a story, and astrology is a language that brings words to what often goes unsaid. It’s not that the planets are doing anything to us; we get to choose the words we put on the pages of our lives. Instead of thinking about astrology as a nonfiction fact, appreciate the fictional narrative it conveys.

We can imagine that the celestial bodies are characters, and the Zodiac is the setting. By exploring the themes occurring now and comparing them to historical periods, we gain context and understanding.

Mythology, folklore, ancient religions and history convey the power of the Moon, the Sun, and various aspects of space because these celestial bodies were the first versions of Gods known to humans. We don’t need to worship them today or subscribe to some pre-existing beliefs. Still, the celestial landscape is worth exploring. -Analogies, Energies & Celestial Bodies

A look at the Uranus in Taurus transit

This cycle is occurring from 2018 until 2026.

It’s a time of sparks, revolution, and levelling up how we connect to the Earth. Taurus energy is intimately connected to Mother Earth. The Wet’suwet’en, along with many other First Nations and Indigenous people worldwide, live as if they are an extension of the land.

Our people’s belief is that we are part of the land. The land is not separate from us. The land sustains us. And if we don’t take care of her, she won’t be able to sustain us, and we as a generation of people will die. Freda Huson, Unist’ ot’ en Hereditary Spokesperson.

As Uranus transits Taurus, we are learning to transform our relationship to the Earth. Indigenous peoples are leading the way. Even though our colonial systems have done everything in their power to silence their voices, they are still here. Throughout this decade, it is time to listen.

Uranus energy is all about fighting for the cause. When those causes go unheard and strong efforts are extinguished, Uranus turns into a revolution. Uranus wants to be its own authority. It wants to march the beat of its own drum, calling out corruption and bringing change from the ground up. It wants to challenge the powers that be and overthrow corrupt institutions. -Analogies, Energies & Celestial Bodies

Uranus’s character wants change and transformation to occur naturally; however, when establishments in place do not allow for that growth to happen, shocks to the system are inevitable.

As Uranus, the mover and shaker transits the sign of Taurus; we are going to face a real-world manifestation of what has been hidden or paved over with cement.

Taurus is about making things happen or growing something new for the world to experience. No matter how big the project feels, Taurus can accomplish it with continuous action. -Analogies, Energies & Celestial Bodies

Indigenous people have been protecting the Earth since the beginning of time. They face the same enemies decades later, but like a tall and solid tree that continues to grow, they are here and taking action.

Uranus in Taurus throughout history

Looking back over history gives us a feel for the current transits. By looking at what was happening during previous Uranus in Taurus transits, we can learn from our mistakes and improve.

During Uranus’ past stay in Taurus, Mount Rushmore was completed. If there has ever been a better example of the audacity of powerful white men, carving their faces into Mother Earth is one of them.

It’s a clear example that the colonial system (which is still in place) sees the Earth as its property, just something to brand and label. Rather than a living being who serves and sustains us, who, in turn, we must protect.

When we look at the history of Mount Rushmore, the corruption becomes even more apparent.

In the Treaty of 1868, the U.S. government promised the Sioux territory that included the Black Hills in perpetuity. Perpetuity lasted only until gold was found in the mountains, and prospectors migrated there in the 1870s. The federal government then forced the Sioux to relinquish the Black Hills portion of their reservation.

It’s noteworthy that in 1868, Pluto was transiting Taurus. Pluto energy is associated with power. Taurus is related to the Earth, making this an example of powerful forces taking over the Earth and her people.

“Mount Rushmore is on stolen Lakota land and its very existence is a symbol of white supremacy,” says Nick Tilsen, NDN Collective President and CEO.

The time is now

We are in times when statues are coming down. Racists are being canceled, and allies are ready to do the work. A mountain top with carved faces of white men on stolen Indigenous land is the epitome of why we need to do better.

There is no time to wait. Uranus in Taurus is about the Earth, who sustains each of us. We must stand in solidarity with land defenders and Indigenous peoples.

This year alone, Canada has invaded the sovereign Wet’suwet’en Nation in the name of corporate greed. Land defenders at 1492 Landback lane are being shot at by police forces, and Mi’kmaq fishers are under attacked.

Simply put, this is about consent. The Wet‘suwet’en, the Haudenosaunee, the Mi’kmaq, and many others have said no. They do not consent, yet Canada doesn’t seem to care. The Canadian government’s avoidance tactics, crimes against humanity, and manipulation are no longer acceptable.

Uranus in Taurus is taking the microphone and screaming, “#Landback.”
When I hear Indigenous youth and land protectors chant “Land Back!” at a rally, I know it can mean the literal restoration of land ownership. When grandmothers and knowledge keepers say it, I tend to think it means more the stewardship and protection of mother earth. When Indigenous political leaders say it, it often means comprehensive land claims and self-governing agreements. No matter what meaning is attached, we as Indigenous nations have an urge to reconnect with our land in meaningful ways.

The Uranus in Taurus transit from 2018 until 2026 is intense and cannot be avoided. We can no longer ignore the facts or the reality of what is occurring on this planet.

Here’s to opening our minds, hearts, and aligning our actions with the Earth and her defenders. This is the moment to decide which side of history you are on. Then listen to learn, amplify the voices that have been silenced, and take action.

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