How the Moon Helped Me to Love Myself


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I was frustrated, unsatisfied, and unable to understand why. It wasn’t until I began exploring the Moon’s significance and how it connected to the menstrual cycle that I realized my dissatisfaction stemmed from bing disconnected from my body.

I’ve always had a larger form that did not fit into society’s attractive narrative. I grew up fat, shamed, and consequently disgusted by my body. Being a 90s child, I wanted to look like Posh Spice or Paris Hilton. My body was not right, and this led me to blame it for all my problems.

Connecting to the Moon

I took a course exploring the parallels between the Lunar cycle and the menstrual cycle. This led me to cultivate a relationship to the Moon, my cycle and in turn my body. Developing this connection kick-started a journey of reclaiming my body, satisfaction, and my life.

Before this, I was incredibly disappointed with my life. Trying to force myself to feel good wasn’t working. Trying to force my partners to turn me on wasn’t either. I was coming to my life with brute force, and this was not yielding results.

No More Force

As I tried so hard to fix things, I created more of a gap between organic, natural, and fulfilling experiences. I was approaching life in a very masculine way. I started embracing my femininity by learning about the Moon’s cycles, phases, and ever-changing fluidity.

By taking action, having expectations and trying to deliver what others wanted, I was left feeling frustrated and unfulfilled. Releasing control was the first step to opening myself and my legs to a satisfying experience.

Do you try to control your experiences?

Do you think if you could have this or that, then you would be fulfilled?

Can you see the Moon’s ever-changing form as a reminder to surrender?

Parallels Between the Moon and the Menstrual Cycle

There are approximately 29 days to the lunar cycle, and an average menstrual cycles last 28 days.

There are 4 phases to the lunar cycle and 4 phases of the menstrual cycle.

The body’s cycle begins with bleeding, shedding, and releasing the old.

The lunar cycle begins with a new moon during which the Moon appears to have emptied from the sky.

Ovulation typically happens around day 14 of a 28-day menstrual cycle.

Fourteen days after the New Moon, the lunar cycle peaks with a Full Moon.

Riding the Tides

The Moon influences the tides, and our bodies are made of water. So, it’s reasonable to imagine that the Moon also affects us humans.

There are high tides and low tides, and like planet Earth, the body has these. During our bleeds, hormones are at a low, we’re in a place of resting, releasing and recharging before a new adventure of potential creation begins.

During a new moon, we’re submerged in low tide energy. It’s a time when we’re at low power mode, and as we do with our phones, we may need to turn off some applications and lower the brightness. Just like the Moon’s light has been reduced from the sky.

The Full Moon is symbolically linked to ovulation.

Research suggests, “ovulating women do increase their desire, and they do increase the frequency with which they have connections with their current partners.”

The Full Moon is when the waves are crashing; energy is high, and so are emotions. We are on the front lines of our feelings. During ovulation, our bodies are ready to be seen in the world.

We are on the prowl for what our hormones desire. Like the full Moon shining in the sky, our hormones are blazing. Like the magnetic pull of a full moon, we are pulling others into our glow.

This magic is credited to creation.

There’s not so much for us to do, but there is a lot for us to be. When we embrace our bodies’ tides and develop a relationship by looking at the Moon, we can accept ourselves, our moods, and make sense of our experiences.

Earth has seasons, the Moon has cycles, and so do our bodies. When we can witness them and move with the phases, we can reap bountiful harvests.

Imagine trying to grow tomatoes outdoors during a Canadian winter or snowboarding in the summer? It’s just not possible. When we are aware of the climate, we can easily make choices that lead to satisfying experiences.

Tracking the Cycles

For me, tracking the Moon and my cycle gave context to my moods and feelings. At first, I wasn’t ready to embrace my body, but I loved the Moon. when I started to learn about the Moon’s phases, I was able to reclaim my body in all her fullness.

When I started watching and tracking, I stopped forcing. When I understood the waves’ break, I was able to accept, allow, and ride the surf. I moved with the flow of these cycles, and that brought me to some refreshing experiences.

Suddenly, it wasn’t so hard to feel fulfilled. I was able to act when inspired and rest when drained. There wasn’t an expectation for everything to be hot and heavy all the time. The pressure was off, and I was able to stop forcing.

During heightened times like ovulation or the Full Moon, I was ready and able to receive the passion I’d been longing for; this had nothing to do with anyone else but myself.

As I embodied a space of receptivity, my experiences with others levelled up.

By watching the Moon we learn to let go; we know nothing stays the same. By seeing the lunar cycle as an echo of the menstrual cycle, we can begin to understand ourselves, our feelings, and our desires holistically.

We are an extension of creation, as powerful as a full moon shining, and as gentle as the night’s sky during a New Moon. We can choose to open ourselves to nature’s rhythms. For me, this opened doors I didn’t even realize I had shut.

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