Why Your Exhaustion Could Be the Moon


Astrology has an answer to why you’re so tired.


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I’ve always been a sleepy person. For most of my life, I learned that it was a bad thing. Since developing an understanding of the lunar cycle through an astrological lens, I now feel my varying energy levels shift in tandem with the Moon’s tides. This has allowed me to relax into the ebb and flow of life.

As a kid, spending time alone in my bed, with my comfy pillows was the best thing ever. In my teenaged years, my parents continually made it known that I was lazy for sleeping so much.

I became at odds with myself. I wanted to rest, sleep, and take my time, but I was not lazy! I had ambition, goals, and wanted to make others proud. I decided that meant I had to ignore my desire to sleep. I swapped it for dedication and exhaustion.

Sleep is Medicine

There’s something about a good night’s sleep that can soothe our souls. Whether it’s a broken heart or a headache, sleep pacifies our struggles and gives us a chance to reset.

Not only does a healthy amount of sleep reduce inflammation, increase emotional intelligence, and lower the risk of heart disease, it also boosts productivity and concentration. -Medical News Today

That’s a no-brainer. Think about a time when you’ve struggled to keep your eyes open, but fought to maintain concentration. It’s as if we are fighting our body’s essential functions. Yet here we are doing it all the time. We live in a world that teaches us to ignore our feelings, suck it up, and get the job done.

A nap is productive because it means we will be able to accomplish the task at hand. Like driving when we are tired, pulling over and surrendering to our eyelids’ velvety darkness is essential to our safety.

The Moon and Rest

I’m someone who feels connected to the sky above. It’s easy for me to love any phase of the Moon. Whether she’s full, a sliver, or non-existent from the sky, I cherish her presence. This has taught me to love myself and celebrate when I need to tuck away and rest.

The idea that the lunar cycle can influence people’s behavior dates back thousands of years but has been largely dismissed by modern medicine. But new research suggests there may be some truth to these ancient theories. -Linda Geddy, BBC

We can research, read studies, and focus on what scientists are proving to inform us. But we can also listen to how we feel. If we take note of our energy levels and notice the Moon’s current phase, we can conduct personal experiments and yield our own conclusions.

New Moon as Low Power Mode

I’m a full-time astrologer and share astrological updates on social media. Through noticing how I felt and having an understanding of the symbolism of the lunar cycle, I began to see how tired I was around the New Moon. I started calling this “low power mode” time.

During a new moon, the Sun and the Moon come together. The Sun’s light overpowers our eyes from viewing the Moon, and the Moon is tucked into the night.

In a way, this is an invitation for us to tuck ourselves in and honor the need for rest.

In astrology, the Sun symbolizes our conscious awareness, the Moon our subconscious. When these two celestial bodies come together, which occurs during a new moon, we get a chance to align both aspects of ourselves.

Sleep is a way of surrendering to our subconscious. When we allow ourselves to rest during this phase of the lunar cycle, we create space for our conscious and subconscious minds to connect. It’s by taking time to rest that we allow our creative minds to have some space to explore. Instead of staying focused on the physical world, when we give ourselves room to dream, our external reality can shift. Surrendering isn’t always easy, but taking a nap is the fastest way to achieve a state of surrender.

I now share with my followers that the 2–3 days leading up to the new Moon are low power mode time.

If our phones were dying, we wouldn’t open tons of applications and turn up the brightness. We would conserve our energy so we can use our phone for what’s important. The same goes for our body, mind, and soul during a new moon.

I always receive a handful of comments and messages saying I’ve helped someone understand why they are so tired during that period. Everyone is different, and astrology is not a one size fits all, but here’s an invitation to notice yourself.

Time to Reset

The new Moon is the start of a new lunar cycle. It’s a phase of renewal. Just like the Moon, we also need to spend time resetting. During a new moon, we might be feeling the call to check out.

Pulling the plug and restarting is tested and accurate advice for electronics. Unplug it, wait a few seconds and then try again.

You are an electric field — a giant electric field which holds your atoms together, and which uses other electric fields to talk to other bits of yourself. -Jack Fraser, University of Oxford, Forbes

Since all humans have an electrical field, could it be that also need time to reset?

Rest Is the Right Choice

From this perspective, taking some rest doesn’t mean we are lazy. It means we are in tune with the natural forces which surround us all. It means we are listening. It means that we deserve to permit ourselves to rest, especially around a new moon.

If I could go back, I would tell my teenage self that she is not lazy. That there is nothing wrong with her love of sleep. I would congratulate her for being synced up to nature, instead of societies fabricated forces.

So maybe, it’s not that you are lazy, but instead, you’re connected to the Moon.

Here’s to reclaiming rest, resetting ourselves, and moving forward refreshed.

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