Is Your Purpose Written in the Stars?

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I grew up not knowing a thing about astrology. I was always skeptical of anything that divided the population into generic groups, and I never wanted to know what my future would hold. Instead, I wanted to live my life and figure it out along the way.

Fun fact: horoscopes were invented to sell newspapers.

Eventually I came across an astrological system that went way beyond the Sun sign. Today, one of my favorite aspects to talk about is the North Node, which offers an outlook on what we are learning, creating, and building throughout our lives.

Astrology is a tool to help create our futures, not predict them.

I discovered that there was an entire Universe of archetypes, symbols, and rhythms to explore. And I had the choice to decide whether those themes resonated with me. This last point, about having a choice, is what my current work is all about. The planets are not doing anything to us, but they are energy streaming all around us. When we know which way the current is flowing, then we can make an informed decision on which way we want to swim.

It’s like checking the weather before getting dressed for the day. If we know it’s going to rain, we grab our rain boots and create a dryer future.

The North Node

Before diving into this aspect and what it has to offer symbolically speaking, let’s talk about what it technically is. It’s not a celestial body but instead a mathematical point. It’s a degree where the Moon’s orbit intersects with the Ecliptic (an imaginary line on the sky that marks the sun’s annual path).

The North Node dictates where Eclipses occur. When we have a Full Moon or New Moon that occurs near the nodes, we experience an Eclipse. It’s a time of energy lining up and getting straight to the point, like an energetic chiropractic adjustment.

Our individual North Node.

We can take a look at our natal north node (where this point was when we were born) to discover where we need to get to work within our own lives. This aspect represents our true north.

It’s what we are moving towards, the chapter we are studying, and what we have incarnated to do. From this perspective, understanding our North Node sign can help us get a feel for our purpose.

When we know better, we can do better.

The North Node is like the lessons we’ve signed up to learn. It’s the work our soul wants to do. Imagine being enrolled in a University program without knowing what major we are studying? It would make getting the degree a lot harder.

Astrology won’t do the work for us, but it can give us some context. Just like seeing the syllabus can help us work through our course content.

The direction we are heading.

When we find north using a compass, we can calculate the other directions. In this way, our North Node sign can act as a compass. It can give us a sense of direction, which helps us achieve our goals.

Here’s an example:

My north node is in Capricorn in the 11th house. The significance of this could be interpreted as me working towards Capricorn themes (commitment, responsibility, building tangible results) and 11th house themes (leadership, community, humanitarian, and collaboration).

Since I was young, I had a feeling I needed to save the world. I remember wishing for world peace every birthday when I blew out the candles.

But enough about me, the point is we can all calculate our North Node sign and then research the significance. If it resonates with us, we can incorporate this information into our lives. If it doesn’t we can completely ignore it.

The North Node’s Current Transit

We can take a look at where the North Node is now to understand our collective homework. We can also take a look back over history to understand the last time we took this lesson.

We’re not looking back because history has to repeat itself, but rather to learn from what happened — kind of like when we fail a test and have a chance to retake it. If we review and study our previous answers, we have a better shot at acing the exam this time around.

From May 2020 until January 2022, the North Node is transiting Gemini.

During this time, we are all learning lessons surrounding Gemini energy. This is about information, communication, freedom, and ideas. Right now, this is humanity’s life’s purpose.

It’s time to open our minds and be willing to think differently. We need to process a lot of information. We need to look at how we communicate with ourselves and others.

It’s also an energy that can make our heads spin and confuse us.

Essentially, Gemini is like Tinkerbell. It wants to fly around, have some fun, and is a little mischievous. It does not like being stuck in a cage, and our current pens might start to feel increasingly uncomfortable.

This is a time of learning to lighten up while also processing important information. It’s not easy, but there are many potentials if we’re eager to embrace this airy energy and let the wind take us.

Looking Back at History

The last time this transit occurred was from October 2001 until 2003. Back then, humanity had just experienced a collective shock. Travel changed, fear was rampant, and tons of information about right and wrong came our way.

We are living in times that ask us to learn from back then. What collective attitudes were adopted between 2001–2003 that now need updating? What types of information need reevaluating? What beliefs are changing?

Is your purpose written in the stars?

I don’t think it’s so cut and dry. I believe we have more than just one purpose, and we often can’t label it. I have found that understanding my North Node sign has helped me to better relate to my work and find meaning in what I am creating.

Looking at the current transits have helped give me some context to the lessons playing out on the world’s stage.

Ultimately, we can all do whatever we want, and no universal force can impede that.

As a dreamer, I find a lot of value in looking upwards to gain a different vantage point of my life and the collective. Maybe you will too.

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