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When we know better, we flow better.
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Picture yourself sitting in a dark room. You don’t know what’s around you, and you’ve got zero context as to where you are. You’re going to be feeling confused, unaware, and maybe even afraid. Let’s use this dark room as an analogy for ignorance.

Definition of ignorance: lack of knowledge, education, or awareness

Ignorance isn’t just an insult or a reason to blame others. It has become something to be ashamed of, and in this world, it’s our responsibility to become informed. It’s overwhelming and when we are in the thick of this dark room. Our minds are scattered, we’re afraid and probably reacting from fight or flight.

How do we move from ignorant to informed?

If ignorance is the dark room, all we have to do is turn on the light. Just one movement of flicking to switch or sparking a match can illuminate our surroundings. Using this analogy, we can say that light is information.

When the lights come on, we are informed about our surroundings. When we can see around this room, we know what to do and how to move forward. In a world where information is blasting brighter than ever before, it can feel blinding. By learning to discern, we can give our eyes the space to adjust and provide ourselves with the freedom to navigate life’s rapids.

What type of lights are on?

If light is information, it doesn’t mean that all information is equal. We have varying kinds of light that affect us in all sorts of ways. For example,

Blue light suppresses the release of melatonin in our brains, which leads to a lower quality of sleep, which in turn can contribute to a variety of negative health effects.

Are we tuning into information that’s effecting us negatively?

For some, this could be watching mainstream media; it could be far out alternative news sources for others. Our sources of information impact our experience of reality. Just like switching to a black light that gives off UV light illuminates stains or spots we usually could not see.

Letting nature’s light lead

We can’t talk about light without bringing the Sun into the conversation.

Nothing is more important to us on Earth than the Sun. Without the Sun’s heat and light, the Earth would be a lifeless ball of ice-coated rock. The Sun gives energy to the growing green plants that provide the food and oxygen for life on Earth.

The Sun, Moon, celestial bodies, and stars are continually streaming information our way. But it is up to us to listen. This information may come through our logical mind, but we will feel it impacts more often than not.

For example, on a sunny day, our mood is lightened. Or during a Full Moon, we may feel an emotional stirring or undercurrent. Those who work in health care or with children can attest to this.

The lunar theory, otherwise known as the lunar effect, is the idea that there’s some correlation between moon cycles and human behavior.

We’re living in seemingly dark times.

There’s tons of confusion and uncertainty.

We’re learning at an exponential rate.

We are responsible for doing better. These demands put pressure on us, and as humans, we often crack under that force.

What if we start by taking in the moon’s light or spending some time in the Sun?

What if we took the time to turn off our screens and tune into nature’s symphony of information just waiting to be received?

Serendipity is moving with the seasons

Nature has a plan. There’s a force of life that flows throughout every living thing. There’s a magic in creation.

We all want to live our lives in tune with serendipity. We all want things to work out miraculously, but getting there is easier said than done.

We are extensions of the Earth. We are living breathing beings, and we can reclaim our cyclical natures. Instead of moving forward faster, what if we took time and relaxed into the seasons of life?

We must take in the information around us and do the best with what we have — then know when to wait for our next move.

It’s not always springtime. Just like winter doesn’t last forever. By adapting to the information we are given, we have a better chance of capturing serendipity.

Like nighttime, darkness is always going to return. Ignorance can’t be banished. But we can make a plan for how to interact with it.

Darkness isn’t there

“There is no darkness anywhere; you cannot find it; it is simply an absence of light.” — Osho, Tantra: The Supreme Understanding

The question is not how to stop the darkness and ignorance. It’s what are we bringing to light?

Every person will have blind spots. It's impossible to know everything, or to be everything. However, appreciating where we are empty if the first step towards filling ourselvs up. If we can look at our own darkness, we shine light on it. However, it's usually way easier to ignore our blind spots, but imagine if we did that while driving? We would end up in an accident.

It's so crucial to take in the full view of ourselves, our lives and the world around. When we accept the good and the bad, we can act from an informed place.

Darkness is an absence of something, and the only way to fill this space is to offer our information, our light. Just by being alive, we are doing this. We are learning, growing, and expanding.

We are illuminating the world through our personal journeys.

When we are willing to shine a light within ourselves, there is much information to uncover. When we are eager to look inwards, we unlock our potential.

When we choose to come together and share this information, collective illumination is inevitable.

So yes, we could say these are scary times to be alive. For some, this is entirely true. Or we can acknowledge all that we are bringing to the world. We can take responsibility to fill the darkness with our light and boldly step into this new era of humanity. Life is full of potential, but we have to choose to turn on the light.

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