Why Is 2020 So Out of Control?


The cosmos has something to say about it.

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By looking at the cycles of the celestial bodies we gain a far out perspective of what is occurring on Earth. Staring directly at each pebble on a beach leaves us with a certain viewpoint. When when shift our perspective and look at the beach as a whole; we see that there’s more to to it than a single grain.

If we are a writer and we find ourselves obsessing over each sentence, it can become hard to write a whole paragraph, let alone an entire blog or a book. We need the little things in life.

Each pebble of sand is important. Each sentence brings something to the entire piece. However, when we focus solely on individual components we miss out on the whole.

There are many misconceptions when it comes to the word “astrology”, because we’ve been taught that newspaper horoscopes for our sun sign represent the entirety of our cosmic roots.

In reality, the story is so much more complex. Astrology is not about the planets “doing” anything to us, instead they offer a potential direction we can choose to swim. 

The Micro And the Macro

Astrology is often associated with individual components, or what we can call “Micro-energies”. This is the sun sign. We’ve been divided into 12 groups and prescribed a set of labels and character traits to adhere to. However, the sun sign is merely one grain of sand on the shoreline. It’s one aspect that has taken over our collective understanding of this ancient science.

When we lift our heads and embrace the beach as a whole, we can start to navigate the “macro-energies”.

Let’s look at the planets and their motions as a symphony orchestra. With many notes, strings and instruments working in tandem.

Peeking through this symbolic telescope and observing where the planets have been transiting throughout 2020 offers an answer to the question of the year ,“What is going on”?!

I’m Not A Scientist

I’ve been working as an astrologer for nearly a decade and I do not think astrology is a science. Instead I think of myself as an artist and the archetypes of the zodiac and the celestial bodes are the colour pallet I paint with. None of this is set in stone and nothing is exact.

I don’t even know whether I am right or wrong, just like we can’t deem whether a piece of art is correct. It all comes down to how the information feels. Bear in mind that any forecast, horoscope or astrological work we read is merely someone’s interpretation of where the planets are or were at a given time.

Astrology is a system of interpreting the energetic patterns, cycles and rhythms flowing around us like oxygen. With an awareness of these cycles, we might choose to move with the planets and work together with the cosmos, instead of swimming upstream like macho men.

The Currents of 2020

Lunar Eclipse January 12 2020

Eclipses get straight to the point. They occur when the Sun, Moon and Earth are in alignment and sometimes we can even observe that line up with our eyes. The themes of an Eclipse become our collective homework and grab our attention.

The year began with an Eclipse in Capricorn. This energy is all about the systems, structure, rules and regulations. Further it’s about those who have the power to write them and whole upholds the systems in place. It’s about control and whose in charge.

A Lunar Eclipse is an amplified Full Moon. Full Moon energy brings our feelings and emotions to the surface. It shines a light on what might normally be hidden deep in our subconscious, the same way the moon rises in the dark night’s sky. After the peak of a Full Moon, the Moon begins to decrease in size and let go of itself.

Basically, the year began with a megaphone screaming what systems and structures need to be released. Because this is connected to the moon, we will feel where these changes must occur.

This could be outrage, fear, excitement or sadness. All year long we need to face our feelings about how humanity is organizing. We are seeing themes of control surfacing which can illicit an emotional response.

Saturn and Pluto Conjunction

This occurred the same weekend as the Lunar Eclipse and is significant for multiple reasons.

Firstly, any alignment that occurs near an Eclipse is something the universe is hammering home. Eclipse are like high speed trains, taking us directly to our destination. Saturn and Pluto become the conductors of this train because they joined together at the same time.

This conjunction also happened in Capricorn and brings the focus of our collective systems, control, power and how we organize life on Earth. Saturn is the planet of commitment and responsibility.

It teaches that there are consequences to our actions and often deals out tough lessons. Pluto is the planet of transformation. Death and rebirth. Something must die in order for something else to be born. When these two tag team we are asked to fully committed to what needs changing.

The last time this cycle occurred was in 1518. During that period , Martin Luther wrote a series of points debating the power and corruption of the all mighty catholic church. This led to the reformation and changed the systems of the world.

Something Has Got to Give

We’ve been leading to this pivotal year since at least 2008. 2008 was when Pluto entered Capricorn and the journey of systemic transformation began.

We can see how issues of power and authority have been in the forefront since the beginning of this transit. We’ve seen the global financial crisis and the housing crisis. The Arab Spring in 2010 began in response to oppressive regime and low standards of living. In 2011, the Occupy Wall Street movement made the “99%” a common phrase. This movement condemned income inequality and the influence of money in politics, along with an overhaul of what they continue to see as a failing system.

In 2013 three black female activist started #backlivesmatter after George Zimmerman was acquitted for the murder of Trayvon Martin, who was an unarmed black teen. The #metoo movement created by Tarana Burke in 2006, became a method of raising awareness around the ubiquitous presence of sexual assault in our societies.

All these examples illustrate the power of the people when they connect and come together. These examples demonstrate how what used to be common place are no longer acceptable to large majority of individuals.

Over the past decade the world has been racing forwards without the infrastructure to sustain it’s growth. It’s like building a mansion on stilts. 2020 is the year the stilts have broken and it feels like everything has come crashing to the floor.

It feels out of control, because how we’ve been controlling things doesn’t work. We need to let go of what we know, because what we know on a systemic level is broken and corrupt.

2020 is a chance to start over.

To build new realities on Earth from the ground up. Ones that have sustainable foundations. Ones that are built for everyone.

We can’t control how the story will play out, when it is just beginning.

When we change what we put into our bodies, our bodies change. If we get enough sleep, we feel refreshed throughout the day ahead. Since 2008 we’ve been fed a different kinda of energy. 2020 is the year we start to see the effects rippling out.

We get to choose how we see the world. We get to decide whether or not we want to embrace this reset, or hold onto the past. We have the choice to believe none of this, or all of this. There’s no right or wrong way. If we dig in our heals and desperately try to stay the same we miss out on this collective transformation.

Life is moving on with or without us. This wild ride is far from over, so why not throw our arms up in the air, scream and take on the roller coaster ride?

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