The Lights Are On For The Rest of 2020


The information is all around us. What will we choose to do with it?

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Summer Solstice Eclipse Significance

On June 21st 2020 there was a Solar Eclipse. Plus it was the Solstice, also known as brightest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. This marks a significant point, during a critical year. The energy brings extremes and it’s a time of being all in, or all out. This energy is setting the tone for the rest of 2020.

These eclipse seasons occur approximately every six months, meaning that we are assigned a new lesson from the Universe twice a year.

Eclipses Are Times Of Alignment.

An Eclipse is energy that gets straight to the point, like a chiropractor that who enters the room and aligns our spines, but we usually don’t see the chiropractor until we’re sore on in pain. All this is to say that eclipses can be extreme. 

It’s obvious that throughout 2020 there have been some painful moments. Many people are facing the unknown and life as we know it has transformed. It’s interesting to look back at the eclipse which occurred on January 12th to better understand the themes that have occurred throughout this first (and unprecedented) half of 2020.

On January 12th 2020 there was a lunar Eclipse in Capricorn.

There were some heaving hitting celestial bodies at this party. Saturn and Pluto came together in Capricorn for the first time since 1518.

Taking a quick look back we see that during this period Martin Luther wrote a document questioning the church, used a printing press to distribute it and that led to the reformation.

Basically, that was a time of breaking away from corrupt establishments and “going our own way”.

This does not mean that Martin Luther was a great guy, or that the answers to our current problems are religious reformation. Instead, over these past 6 months we are being asked to look at the powers in control of the planet and hold them accountable.

That’s a loaded statement, I know.

Ideally, it’s an opportunity to question and think for ourselves. It’s been a time of self responsibility, and that means taking ownership of what we are doing, and what systems we are upholding through our actions. Basically, we’ve been in a time that is asking us to feel. This is not always easy, but if something feels off it probably is.

Summer Solstice And the Second Half of 2020

The break is changing and there’s a new collect wave rolling in for the remainder of the year. This wave will continue throughout the next year and a half, and is even setting the tone for the following 19 years. These time periods have to do with the nodes of the moon and their transits, if you want more info on that, put a response on this article and I’ll happily fill you in. For the purpose of being concise I am going to skip over the technical side and dive into the symbolism.

Having an eclipse on the brightest day of the year is like stadium lights switching on and illuminating the planet.

This can feel blinding and even uncomfortable. Maybe we feel disoriented and have those blotchy things in our vision after looking at a bright light. Seeing clearly isn’t exactly easy.

Light is Information

When we are sitting in a dark room, it’s hard to understand our surroundings. However, once the lights come on, we’ve got information to work with.

This eclipse sent a whole lot of info our way, and it’s going to take time to digest it all.

Eclipse season is a time of alignment, where the lunar subconscious energy and solar conscious energy get together for their bi-annual meeting. Here, they lay everything out and ensure that we’re on the same page

When we are out of alignment it’s going to become increasingly clear. Remember, this has to do with our own alignment. We aren’t here to blindly follow, pretend that we are in the dark and need someone to lead us. The lights are on and we just have to be willing to take a look around. Then decide for ourselves.

There will be people who want to draw the blinds and stay in the darkness. Sometimes we want to sleep in, we pull the curtains and stay in our comfortable dark room. That’s totally okay and it’s a choice we make. If we choose to get up and get going, concerning ourselves with those who are still sleeping is just a waste of time.

Not Everyone Will Be On the Same Path

With this energy comes a polarity. It’s bright and clear, or it’s dark and confusing. We are allowed to bounce back and forth between the two. At the end of the day, we can only control ourselves.

To stand up straight we must realize that we’re slouching and try to do better. During eclipse the slouching becomes very obvious, urging us to stand up tall”. This doesn’t mean our nice posture can’t inspire someone else to roll their shoulders down their backs and stand tall. But we literally can’t make someone stand up if they don’t want to. Just like we don’t want someone forcing us out of bed when all we want to do is sleep in.

Avoiding the Inevitable

We know that eventually we all have to get out of bed. We now have a chance to choose better. We have a chance to turn on the lights, take a look around, integrate that information into our world The take action from a place of alignment. We are all shifting, because this is a collective shift and the beginning of a new eras.

We can all feel that shift.

How we emotionally relate to the shift is another story. Some will be excited, some will be angry, some afraid and some sad. There is no right or wrong way to feel. If we choose to take a look at the information around us, instead of staying in ignorance, we can avoid some unnecessary suffering. We can also stop perpetuating harm on others. That being said procrastination is real. So if we need more time, then take it.

Ultimately the choice is ours. Whether to welcome the sun and start the new day; or draw the curtains and go back to sleep is up to us.

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