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Mars retrograde taught us that it’s time to walk our talk, even if we don’t know where we’re going.
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This autumn brought surprises and unexpected turns. The only certainty was that we must be responsible for our actions (and inactions).

Are we standing and speaking up?

Are we blindly following and obeying?

Mars retrograde occurred from September 9th through November 13th, it uncovered the new battlegrounds, and being willing to change was, and still is, critical.

The Planets Are Not Doing Anything to Us

There is no reason to fear the cosmic strings are being pulled. Instead, this is about becoming informed and adopting a different vantage point.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”. Wayne Dyer

The unfolding astrological narrative has a lot to do with Mars retrograde. Let’s take a look at some of the symbols and themes associated with this transit with the intention of giving some extra tools to understand this critical period of a critical year.

As we look at the symbolism of Mars, Aries and retrogrades, remember that we are talking about a sort of cosmic weather forecast. We are not talking about sign specific horoscopes, so this info can be adopted by anyone, regardless of when they were born.

It’s obvious that autumn 2020 was significant.

A US presidential election, the ongoing fight for racial justice, land defenders in Canada fighting colonial oppression and a second wave are just a few current events taking place. It’s a battleground out there and Mars retrograde is inviting us each to hone in our strategies.

Mars Is the Warrior

This means we are going to want to fight, which is a good thing. However, it’s called an army reserve for a reason. There is an art to war. It’s key to preserve energy and make the best choices based on the information we have.

Mars wants to dash forward and act impulsively, especially as it’s transiting the sign of Aries. But that isn’t always the best strategy.

Aries Is the Battleground

We are on the front lines and proclaiming our battle cries. It’s an intense fall and not for the faint of heart. But whether or not we can handle it, we are each here on Earth and have a responsibility to show up. What we show up for is a choice we have to make. Because by not making a decision, we are in fact choosing for things to stay the same.

This means if we stand back while the Canadian government invades a sovereign nation, or we stay silent while our family member is spewing their racist perspective, we are choosing to allow those injustices to continue.

Here’s where our strategy comes into play.

Because we can’t control anyone but ourselves the key is to fully step into what we stand for. It’s time to stand up, even if no one else joins us. Chances are we might feel left hanging by others. This is because Mars retrograde has everything to do with our decisions, not what others are doing.

Retrogrades Are Inside Jobs

It’s all about the choices we are making. This energy is not concerned with what we think other people should be doing. It’s what we are doing. Here’s where we get a chance to reassess the fight. Are we trying to convince others that our way is the right way? Are we criticizing someone else, or something they believe? It doesn’t matter how ludicrous it appears to be, everyone on Earth gets to choose to do whatever they want (to some extent).

This mars retrograde is inviting us to stay in our own lane.

This is not easy. Actually, it’s really, really hard.

Let’s make it clear we are not saying that other people’s choice are right. Especially if they are causing harm to another. The point is that our energy is best spent focusing on the impact we are making (or lack there of). Taking a look at ourselves, our habits and the harm we perpetuate is not comfortable. But now it is mandatory.

Have we ever spent hours trying to educate someone who doesn't want to learn? Have we ever felt so angry we are blinded and cannot see another’s point of view? These experiences are in the forecast for Autumn 2020. We can only change if we are willing. Trying to change others doesn’t work.

Being an Example Through Action

This is the path. Walk the talk. Follow through. Speak up without an attachment to how it is going to be received. Abandon any desire for external validation.

Common Sense Is Medicine

When we are in fight or flight (which has been a major theme of 2020) we can’t think rationally. We react and act impulsively. That’s human nature. This Mars retrograde is asking us to stop and connect to our instincts.

Are we blindly fighting for a cause that doesn’t actually make sense? Are we deeming whether or not someone else’s fight is wrong?

Remember, this article is specific to the time period between September 9th and November 13th. It’s natural to want to judge others or focus on what we think is wrong. There’s been a surge of exposing injustice on planet Earth and this has is so important. There will be a time to pick it back up and there will be a time to hold others accountable.

These months are about holding ourselves to a high standard and making sure our actions hit that mark. The battleground is shifting and changing. Our willingness to pivot is going to help take down injustice in the long run.

Things Are Going to Start Looking Differently

The analogy for this Mars retrograde is eyes adjusting to the dark. Sometimes when we are used to really bright light, we can’t see in the dark. After some time our eyes get used to it and things become clearer.

Throughout 2020 there has been bright spot lights shining and blinding moments. The story is far from over. However, these months are a time to let our eyes adjust in order to fully understand our surroundings.

Right now we can definitely spot who our enemies are and who the warrior within us is fighting against. This Mars retrograde we might be surprised to see the enemy is not exactly who we thought it was. Or maybe it’s exactly who we thought and then some.

It’s about getting really good at our craft and honing our skills.

Instead of blaming someone else for not showing up, it’s about committing ourselves to the cause. This way, we are ready for whatever pitch is thrown.

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