Astrology Offers an Offbeat Perspective of the Past


History only repeats itself if we let it.
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There Are Many Ways to Look at the Cycles of History

The zodiac is an ancient map of the sky that the celestial bodies are continuously cycling through. Astrology is an art that paints a picture using patterns.

Make Up Your Own Mind

We get to choose what we want to believe in, to a certain extent. This article does not aim to convince or debate with anyone about whether or not there is a validity in astrology. Instead it’s an offering and an intepretation.

Like a piece of art, we can’t really say whether it’s right or wrong.

It’s a creative expression.

Art moves us. We feel it.

Astrology can be seen as a tool to better understand the historical happening. We can use it to bridge the past to the present and by doing so we avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Are we willing to take a look?

The question isn’t whether this conversation is fact or fiction. It’s if we are willing to try this on for size. Can we open our minds and imaginations? Can we entertain that the stars above us are moving like clockwork to a cosmic rhythm? If we’d rather not look, that’s cool. But we let’s not ruin the experience for someone who wants to take a peak.

History Is Written by the Victors

This means that what we learn in school and see in our world’s monuments and statues are biased. It’s not the full story. It can be difficult to access what really happened without being there. Especially when we are talking a history of humanity that has unfolded over centuries.

Astrology and it’s cyclical symbols offers an opportunity.

It’s shows us a glance of the themes that were at play throughout certain periods of time, without getting into the facts and details. We can then bridge what we were taught, with the themes astrology offers and make up our own minds.

Who is writing today’s history?

Who are the current victors?

We can also use astrology to better understand current happenings in our individual and collective lives. This gives us a bird’s eye view of what’s unfolding. It can offer a place of solace from the chaos that is the human experience. If we have a clearer view of what is currently happening, we can assess what’s written about today, when it’s published tomorrow.

Let’s look at some examples of cycles that are currently playing out, and what was happening during these periods of history.

Saturn-Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn

Currently: Throughout 2020

Last time: 1518

According to, In 1517 Martin Luther objecting to the corrupt practises of the Catholic Church, wrote “The 95 Theses”. This was a list of questions and suggestions for debate which would become the foundation of the Protestant Reformation. Luther also reflected popular sentiment about the “St. Peter’s scandal” in the 95 Theses:
Why does not the pope, whose wealth today is greater than the wealth of the richest Crassus, build the basilica of St. Peter with his own money rather than with the money of poor believers?
St Peter’s was a money pit — many grew rich from it and the papacy was debased by it, leading to the Protestant Reformation. -Tim Cribb reviewing the book “Basilica — The Splendor and the Scandal: Building St Peter’s”

In 2020 it’s evident that we are facing systemic corruption and greed. Mnay are demanding a reformation of our institutions. There is a call for change and transformation of the rules, regulations along with who has the power to write and enforce them.

According to Forbes, the 1% owns almost as much wealth as the middle class.

“If the current trend continues, wealth inequality will become even more magnified. As of now, there is no easy answer, as the rich keep getting richer and everyone else keeps struggling.” — Jack Kelly, Forbes

North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius

Currently: May 2020-January 2022

Last Time: October 2001- April 2003

In October 2001 the world was experiencing the aftermath of a massive shock. Restrictions were enforced surrounding travel, boarders and what we were able to do, and not to do. Information was painting certain demographics as threats and terrorists. Later, official stories were questioned and today there are still many unanswered questions.

In May 2020 the world was beginning to reopen and restrictions were in place. The were many questions (and still are) surrounding the facts and information associated with the virus. There is mass amounts of information circulating. Travel is limited and borders are restricted. Certain demographics such as those who choose not to wear a mask or locations that are opening are seen as threats.

Neptune in Pisces

Currently: 2011–2026

Last Time: 1847–1862

During Neptune’s transit through Pisces in the 1800s spiritualism was born and occultism gained popularity. During this time there were also accounts of fraudulent mediums and many people began to lose trust in the movement.

Lately spirituality is becoming mainstream and popular. We can see this in the growing industry of yoga. Nearly every city, even small towns, have yoga studios. Yoga is taught in schools, as an answer to managing the stress of our modern world.

There is an emerging critical conversation regarding the appropriation of yoga. Many yoga teachers are those who have the privilege of paying for the training and do not understand nor honour the roots of these ancient practise. Those who deem yoga as simply physical exercise or choose to regurgitate Sanskrit words, without knowing the meaning, not only disrespected the practise of yoga but are could also be deemed deceptive.

Parallels Between Then and Now

We get to paint our own pictures. Astrology isn’t just for horoscopes and dividing the population into 12 contrasting signs. It’s a calendar can be read. When we know the seasons, changes aren’t so overwhelming. When we recognize winter is coming, we can prepare. When we understand summer is approaching, we can get excited.

Through astrology we can gain context for this wild ride that is the human experience.

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