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Because a symbol is worth a thousand words.
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I’ve been working as an online astrologer for the past decade. During that time I’ve found the best way to get a message across is to use an analogy. It’s really the only way I convey the themes of the zodiac and here’s why.

People don’t want to be told how to feel, but they do want guidance.

Analogies help to convey concepts without connecting the dots. It gives room for people to tune into their unique interpretations, instead of thinking they need to feel a certain way.

Astrology can be notorious for placing labels on people. This can leave us disempowered. An analogy or symbol doesn’t place us in boxes or tell who we are. Instead it gives us a chance to explore the meaning and draw our own conclusions.

Analogy: a comparison between two things, typically for the purpose of explanation or clarification. (from Oxford Languages)

Using analogies gives us a chance to receive an explanation for what we are experiencing. The analogy comes first, and then it’s our choice to compare.

We Get to Make Up Our Own Minds

For example let’s say the analogy for a Full Moon is a time of taking a flashlight and peering into a storage closest. For some this process could feel overwhelming and even scary.

Maybe we don’t want to see everything we’ve been holding onto. For others it could feel refreshing to declutter and clear out that space. Again, how we feel about the analogy is for us to decide.

Communication Can Be Creative

Images, symbols and analogies allow us to add a splash of colour to our conversations. Sometimes it’s more fun to paint a picture with words, than it is to spell out every detail.

We get to make up the analogy and that process in itself is an art form. It’s a chance to creatively express ourselves. From this place of creation we can have fun and make light of things that would normally carry a weight.

Creativity helps you see things differently and better deal with uncertainty. Studies show that creative people are better able to live with uncertainty because they can adapt their thinking to allow for the flow of the unknown. — Courtney Carver, BeMoreWithLess

Life Isn’t Always Linear or Logical

Flowing into the unknown is non negotiable when it comes to life on Earth. Especially in 2020 and beyond. When using imagery we open the doors of our imagination. We get to play with our right brains instead of staying trapped in our left.

The right hemisphere is associated with creativity, emotion and intuition. Many occupations that require creative thinking, perceptiveness and spontaneity are in the field of the right-brain

It’s critical to embrace our emotions and intuitions. As we venture into a future full of unknowns our gut instincts might be the only things we can trust. As 2020 unfolds we are learning that not everything will make logical sense.

Using analogies to describe experiences, or in my case astrological aspects, can speak directly to our intuition. We can feel the example. We can see the imagery. We can engage the right brain and give ourselves a shot at a possible solution.

The Changing Minds Organisation explains, “Symbols are communications that have specific meaning. Usually visual, symbols act as communication short-cuts that convey one or more messages that have been previously learned by both the sender and the recipient. —

English Is a Shallow Language

Sometimes there aren’t words in English to describe how we are feeling. Yet emotional intelligence and being able to communicate our feelings is crucial to a healthy happy life.

“Have you ever felt a little mbuki-mvuki — the irresistible urge to “shuck off your clothes as you dance”? Perhaps a little kilig — the jittery fluttering feeling as you talk to someone you fancy? How about uitwaaien — which encapsulates the revitalising effects of taking a walk in the wind?
These words — taken from Bantu, Tagalog, and Dutch — have no direct English equivalent, but they represent very precise emotional experiences that are neglected in our language.” — By David Robinson,

Analogies can pick up the slack where English lacks.

“Sanskrit has 96 words for love; ancient Persian has 80, Greek three, and English only one”. — Robert Johnson, “The Fisher King and the Handless Maiden

Analogies Activate Our Imaginations

In a time that can feel dismal it’s critical to use our imaginations.

Remember being a kid and having fun thinking up stories?

Did you have an imaginary friend?

Did you love to draw or visualize?

When we talk in terms of analogies our inner child can have some fun. We can draw our own parallels and make our own choices. But we also get a chance to create our own symbols for what we are experiencing. This is a chance to flex that imagination.

Sabian Symbols Have Paved the Way Since the 1920's

On some unrecorded date in 1925, the Sabian symbols were brought into manifestation in the span of a day in Balboa Park, San Diego, California through the combined efforts of Marc Edmund Jones and Elsie Wheeler. - Diana E. Roche

Elsie Wheeler was an intuitive who psychically tuned into each degree of the zodiac. For each of the 360 degrees she described a symbol. Still today astrologers look to these symbols for understanding. Elsie had grown tired of directly answering people’s questions and through this creative approach to the zodiac, left behind a legacy.

The sabian symbols don’t tell us the significance of an astrological aspect. They don’t predict anything or tell us what will happen the way a horoscope does. But they do provide one side of the analogy, from there we can make the comparison to our current experiences.

Here’s an example, on January 12 2020 there was a Lunar Eclipse at 22 degrees Capricorn.

The Sabian Symbol of Capricorn 22: A General Accepting Defeat Gracefully.

This lunar eclipse kicked off the transformational year that is 2020. It set the tone and stage for what was to come. In many ways we’ve been defeated. It’s interesting to note that a general was the one surrendering, and hopeful to see that it was graceful.

Throughout 2020 we have seen a call for power to be handed off. We need authority figures to step down and for the system to change. In a sense, the old institutions must be defeated.

We have the power to look at who we truly are as individuals. We no longer need to blindly follow orders.

This is my interpretation of this sabian symbol in comparison to the happenings of 2020. What’s yours?

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