How the Pluto Sign and Astrology Can Bridge Generations

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Pluto takes a while to transit through any given sign, so entire generations of people are born with the same Pluto sign. 

I recently joined Tiktok and as a millennial, was having a hard time with how some of my peers were showing up on the app. I found myself falling into a black hole of algorithms sending me to posts geared towards millennials versus Gen Z’s. Firstly, I felt embarrassed that many people my age were coming at the younger generations because I fully believe we are all going to have to rally together to create a future for all of us.

However, beyond my feeling of disappointment, I realized that each generation carries certain themes, qualities, and aspects. I have always interpreted these qualities through the lens of Pluto, which is known as a generational planet. But not everyone is an astrologer and therefore don’t look at it the way I do.

This motivated me to use the transits of Pluto as a means to interpret and understand each other. Because whether we like it or not, we are all in it together. That means Gen Z’s to Boomers are being called to find common ground. I believe understanding our Pluto Signs are a step towards finding that mutual understanding.

Pluto is one of the deepest celestial bodies to explore. It lies way out there in outer space, but we can think of its symbolism as a deep part of our inner space- this energy is felt, not thought out. Let’s talk about Pluto as the base note. If we’ve ever been to a show with heavy bass, we understand how this isn’t just something we hear; we feel it rippling through our bodies. Pluto’s energy is the same way. As with heavy bass, we don’t even have to attend the show to experience the vibe; any car bloating bass music while driving down the street will be heard from blocks away. 

Pluto’s pulse runs deep so we aren’t always aware of it.

But we do feel it. This means it can show up as unconscious behaviours and choices. If we all take responsibility to become a bit more self-aware, while also keeping other people’s plutonic pulses in mind, we might find some harmony.

Let’s look at the generations of Pluto signs.

While doing so let’s remember there is no one size fits all, and this article is not meant to label or define us. If we don’t agree that’s cool because ultimately we know ourselves best.

Pluto in Cancer, Those Born 1913-1939

Cancer is all about home, safety and security. Those born during these years were aked to transform what that means. In many ways comfort was transformed to survival and it can be hard for this genreation to relax of feel safe. Ultimately, they are learning to care for themselve, instead of sacrificing all their needs for other.

Pluto In Leo, Those Born 1939–1957

Leo is like bright sunshine, which at times can be blinding. This energy is associated with our individual needs and desires. There isn’t a lot of room here to take the bigger picture into account. When we stare at the Sun, our overall vision gets impacted. This generation is passionate, but can also be stubborn at times. They see themselves as the lead actor who feels comfortable taking centre stage, but it’s important to appreciate the entire cast.

Pluto In Virgo, Those Born 1957–1972

Virgo is the healer of the Zodiac, but this does not mean they have to be the ones to fix everything. Think about an auto mechanic, even though they can fix cars, they still need time to rest and be human. This generation is often connected to what isn’t working, this doesn’t mean it’s their fault, but it does mean that they are here to make some repairs. But even the world’s best mechanic gets a vacation, and this generation needs to prioritize self-care at times.

Pluto In Libra, Those Born 1972–1984

Libra is all about relationships. This generation gravitates towards connecting with others and being focused on the opinions of others. If you catch yourselves thinking about what other people are thinking about you, take a deep breath, and look into the mirror. This energy can get drained by being overly focused on others or placing other people’s needs before your own. There’s also a tendency to pay a lot of attention to what other people are doing, and sometimes that’s simply too exhausting. Less talking and gossiping, more being there for yourself.

Pluto In Scorpio, Those Born 1984–1995

Scorpio is the detective of the Zodiac and those born during these years are ready and willing to gather some serious evidence. Questioning and uncovering information is the name of the game. This generation does not take things as face value, instead, they are going to inquire until their instincts are satisfied. Scorpio energy is about trust, and this generation doesn’t hand out trust blindly. Instead, like the detective, they are willing to take a look at the facts and face the crime scene so that justice can be served.

Pluto In Sagittarius, Those Born 1995–2008

Sagittarius is the visionary. This generation knows in their core that there is more to life than the boring traditions of Earth. They are here to bring potential down to the planet and are extremely creative. In many ways, this generation is here to show us what is possible. Optimism if oxygen for Sagittarius energy and in a world where hope is seemingly scarce this generation can feel doomed or hopeless. They are meant to keep learning and bringing solutions to the table. But at times they need to be heard by those older than them.

Pluto In Capricorn, Those Born 2008–2024

Capricorn is the leader and while this is the youngest Pluto generation currently on Earth, they are the ones who will show us the way. They do not fit into the regimented systems, and they are not supposed to. These people are the ones who are ready and willing to make a new plan for how to operate on Earth. They are the leaders, and while they might not be easy to parent from a traditional sense, there’s no telling what they can teach us.

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