How AI is being utilized by US companies beyond chatbots

Shabbir Ahmad

US companies are starting to use artificial intelligence (AI) in more ways than just chatbots. AI is being used to improve operations, the customer experience, and other things in a wide range of fields, from healthcare to finance to retail. Based on what was said during this quarter's earnings calls and major announcements, here's a look at how AI is being used by different companies and industries.

Health care

One industry that has been quick to use AI is health care. For example, UnitedHealth Group, a big name in health care, uses AI to find patients who are likely to get chronic diseases.

During an earnings call, the company's CEO, David Wichmann, said that machine learning is being used to look at clinical and administrative data to figure out which patients are most likely to get long-term conditions like diabetes or heart disease. This lets the company act quickly and offer preventive care, which can save money and improve health in the long run.


AI is also being used in industries like finance and retail to make the customer experience better. Discover Financial Services, a company that provides financial services, has been putting money into AI to improve its customer service.

During an earnings call, CEO Roger Hochschild said that the company has been using AI to look at how it interacts with customers and find ways to make things better. "Our AI technology lets us look at millions of interactions with customers to learn more about how they interact with us and where we can improve," he said.

Retail industry

In the retail industry, companies like Walmart and Target are using AI to streamline operations and improve the shopping experience for customers. Walmart has been testing AI-powered robots that can scan shelves for items that are out of stock or have the wrong prices. This helps the company keep its inventory up-to-date and makes it easier for customers to shop. AI has been used by Target to analyze customer data and send personalized marketing messages based on customers' likes and dislikes and how they act.


AI is being used by more than just big businesses, though. Even small businesses are finding ways to take advantage of technology. For example, a company called Beagle Learning is using AI to help teachers grade assignments more quickly. The company's software uses machine learning to grade assignments and gives teachers feedback. This can save teachers hours of time grading and help students get feedback on their work more quickly.

Even though AI has benefits, some people worry about how it will affect jobs and society as a whole. In the past few weeks, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and Twitter, has talked a lot about the need to regulate AI. Musk has warned about the possible dangers of AI and asked for government oversight to make sure it is developed in a safe way. "Usually, rules are made by getting a group of experts together and asking, "What's the best way to regulate?" But then, the person with the most powerful lobbyists usually wins "Musk said in an interview not long ago. "With AI, we need to be very careful. It's worse than nuclear weapons."

US companies are using AI in more ways than just chatbots. Companies in every industry, from healthcare to finance to retail, are coming up with new ways to use technology to improve business and the customer experience. Even though people worry about how AI will affect jobs and society, it's clear that technology will continue to be a big part of the future of many fields.

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