New AI DJ by Spotify fits in your pocket and creates personalized playlists

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AI DJ is a new feature in the Spotify mobile app that uses a user's listening history and preferences to make a personalized playlist. AI DJ was made with machine learning technology that looks at a user's listening habits, like the types of music and artists they like, and then suggests songs that fit those tastes.

AI DJ can be found in the "Made for You" section of the Spotify app, which is where users can find playlists made just for them. Every week, AI DJ makes a new playlist, which you can save and listen to whenever you want. Users can also let DJ know what they think of the songs in their playlist by saying whether they like or dislike a song.

Spotify says that AI DJ is meant to be an AI-powered DJ that can respond in real-time to users' music tastes. It can play songs from different styles and moods, giving users a personalized experience that changes as they listen to more music on the platform. DJ can also show people new songs and artists that they might not have found on their own.

The AI DJ feature is just one way that Spotify is using AI technology to make the user experience better. The company has been using machine learning algorithms for a few years to give users personalized music recommendations. AI DJ takes this technology to the next level by giving users a weekly-updated playlist that has been hand-picked by a human.

A representative from Spotify said, " AI DJ is a good example of how we're always trying out new ways to make our platform better for users. We know that music is very personal, so we want to make it as easy as possible for our users to find new artists and songs they'll love."

The release of AI DJ also shows how important AI is becoming in the music business. As the number of people who use music streaming services like Spotify continues to grow, AI-powered features like AI DJ will become more important in attracting and keeping users.

In fact, AI DJ is just one of many AI-powered features that Spotify has added in recent years. Machine learning algorithms have also been used by the company to make personalized playlists based on time of day, mood, and other factors. AI has also helped Spotify improve the accuracy of its music recommendation engine, which uses a user's listening history to suggest new songs and artists.

Overall, the addition of AI DJ is a big step forward for Spotify and the music business as a whole. It shows how AI technology can be used to give each user a personalized music experience that is based on what they like. As AI keeps getting better and better, it's likely that in the years to come, we'll see even more cool features like AI DJ.

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