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Water Damage Repair Company is Looking to Hire a Project Manager

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A Water Damage Repair Company in Maple Grove, MN, is growing fast and is looking to fill the position of Project Manager with someone who is not only experienced with managing projects but also has full licenses of the company, including the ability to legally operate machinery used for the company. The company is looking for someone who can work from Monday to Friday between 9 to 5 but is flexible with hours since this position also involves being on call for emergency assignments.

The company offers insurance policies and many additional benefits to its employees. The person selected to fill this vacancy must be capable of showing clients an appropriate restoration plan that is tailored to their needs and budget. The qualified individual should have experience managing a team of specialists while also possessing strong leadership skills.

What qualities are important for this position?

The ideal candidate must be able to maintain high levels of confidentiality.

Must have good communication skills to make clients feel at ease sharing details with them and receiving feedback about the project.
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This job requires one to work alone, as it is often impossible for restoration projects to have dedicated staff trained specifically for this type of job. Depending on the severity of the damage, it may require replacing flooring and furnishings. In some cases, you will need to replace broken or warped walls. Fortunately, water restoration companies are available around the clock. However, if the damage has been extensive, you should consult a professional.

The ideal person for this role must be detail-oriented and have previous experience in project management for restoration projects.


This person will be expected to manage and lead a team of development personnel and will be responsible for creating and managing development projects related to water damage repair.

The employer offers a competitive salary and excellent benefits. They also offer performance bonuses and a 401k that contributes up to 10% of the yearly salary.

Qualities of a Water Damage Repair Technician

Mitigation technicians' purpose is to assess water damage and mitigate the situation using dehumidifiers. They deal primarily with water damage, they clean up after floods that have taken place, and in so doing they also prevent flood damage from spreading to other parts of the home or building. They must understand moisture movement in structures such as walls, floors, ceilings, and foundations in order to assess the extent of any flood damage which could result in mold or mildew where there actually was not much at all before the flood happened. Mitigation technicians must also employ fans in addition to dehumidifiers when assessing flood damage because moisture can settle unseen anywhere within a property's structure if it has nowhere else to go when left untreated!

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