Which websites to use for crypto research?

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Researching cryptocurrencies can be difficult, but this article makes it easier for you.

Top 11 crypto research websites:

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This is the best place to start your research. It provides charts, ranking, statistics, and other useful information for about 20000 cryptocurrencies. You can create an account to take full advantage of the website. They have a useful newsletter.

In the Trending section, you can find trending cryptos that people are searching for on the website.

There are other options at the top of the table including spotlight, the gainers and losers, most visited, and recently added. In the cryptocurrencies section, In Ranking, all supported cryptos are ranked by their market cap. Clicking on the column name reverses the order. You can click on the name of other columns so that the cryptos are ranked by that column. You can customize the table or filter the results based on category, platform, and other factors.

Categories are ranked by their 24h price change in the categories section. If you click on a category in the table it gives you the top tokens in that category ranked by their market cap. The NFT section gives you the ranking and statistics of NFT projects.

The learn section of this website provides a huge amount of educational content. You can create a portfolio or a watchlist to keep track of your coins directly on the website.

When you search for a cryptocurrency in the search bar, for example, Bitcoin, pay close attention to the page and explore all the sections and information provided especially if you want to invest in that.


It uses machine learning and AI to analyze social activities around cryptos on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit to provide you with statistics and actionable information. Check their blog on the Medium platform for a complete explanation of the capabilities and features. Galaxy Score and Altrarank are two of the indicators they provide.

The following explanation is from an article from Lunarcrush that describes these two indicators. The link to this useful article is at the end.

The Galaxy Score is a combined measure of 4 indicators used to correlate and understand the overall health, quality, and performance of a specific project. In short, it indicates how well a coin is doing. It combines the total score of the following four key performance indicators:
1. Price Score. It is derived from a moving average that gives some indication of an upward or downward trend based solely on the market value.
2. Social Sentiment. It is a percentage score of the overall bullishness or bearishness of what people are saying online.
3. Social Impact. It is a score of the volume, interaction, and impact of social to give a sense of the size of the market or awareness of the coin.
4. Correlation Rank. It is the algorithm that determines the correlation of our social data to the price and volume.
AltRank measures the social and market performance of a coin relative to the entire crypto market. The score combines the performance relative to Bitcoin plus other social activity indicators. A coin can have a high AltRank of 1, even in a bear market.
AltRank is made up of the following metrics:
  1. Market Volume Rank
  2. Social Volume Rank
  3. Social Score Rank
  4. Percent Change versus #Bitcoin Rank

On the Lunarcrush website, if you go to Markets, you see the ranking of coins, NFTs, and exchanges. You can customize ranking by using the metrics created by Lunarcrsuh to find trading or investing opportunities.

In the Discover section, you can find the Top 10 coins by various metrics in different categories. This is an excellent tool to find trading opportunities.

In the influencers section, you can find influencers for a coin according to one of these four options:

  • Most Influential
  • Most engagement
  • Most followers
  • Most post

In the feeds section, you can choose your coin the source from Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, Medium, News, or Shared links.


It is a charting platform and social network used by more than 30 million traders and investors worldwide to spot opportunities across global markets. It is the best and most comprehensive crypto charting tool. It offers extensive technical and fundamental analysis, alerts, real-time chat, live streaming, ideas, social network, customized buy-and-sell indicators., and more.


It is the best tool when it comes to on-chain indicators. It can help you to find the tops and bottoms with more precision. For example, NUPL can be a game-changing indicator. It stands for Net Unrealized Profit Loss. It tells if all units of a given currency were sold today, how much would investors stand to gain or lose? According to their website:

It looks at the difference between Unrealized Profit and Unrealized Loss to determine whether the network as a whole is currently in a state of profit or loss. Any value above zero indicates that the network is in a state of net profit, while values below zero indicate a state of net loss. In general, the further it deviates from zero, the closer the market trends toward tops and bottoms. As such, NUPL can help investors identify when to take profit and when to re-enter.

Other examples of helpful indicators are new and active addresses which are very important when checking the growth of the crypto market.


It is an evidence-based and community-driven cryptocurrency calendar. You Can Find all the upcoming and past events with sources for each cryptocurrency and choose the type of the event.


It’s a valuable resource for all Ethereum Network users to track transactions, check smart contracts, find out stats, and generally stay on top of what’s happening in the Ethereum blockchain. It basically gives you an easy way to navigate the distributed file system, do analyses, view and independently confirm transactions, and much more.


CryptoMiso shows the GitHub commit history of cryptocurrencies based on so crypto traders can gain insight into which crypto projects are actively being developed.

Coin Dance

You can monitor things like hash rates, network nodes, and transactions. Special usage of this tool is to get a high-level view of the crypto environment and to monitor crypto adoption in various countries by checking out local Bitcoin data broken down by country.

Other helpful stats are things like Bitcoin and blockchain search volume on google. If you see that search volume hitting all-time highs then it is probably a good indicator that people are entering the crypto market.

Binance Research

Binance Research provides institutional-grade analysis, in-depth insights, and unbiased information to all participants in the digital asset industry.


3Commas helps users grow their crypto investments using a feature-rich terminal and proven automated bots that operate on over 18 major exchanges.

It's SmartTrade and Terminal enable you to set your trades in advance and based on triggers you specify. you can set the trade, and walk away.

For every market condition, it has a trading strategy to profit from it. 3Commas bots are good at reducing average acquisition costs, directly increasing your profit margins from each trade.


In the Messari screener, there are many ways to sort coin data by customizing filters that allow you to shift through projects by a huge range of stats like liquid market, reported volume, transaction fees, volatility, and more.

You can go to the profile section of the cryptocurrency you’re interested in and find a comprehensive breakdown including the history, detailed tokenomics and token allocations, and even a timeline of the project’s past and future development and funding milestones.

I wish you a happy day.

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