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Exploring Mercedes Benz Electric Car EQXX

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Being efficient, sustainable, and luxurious has been the goal behind this car.

EQXX has more than 620 miles of range which is over 1000 kilometers; that’s more than 215 miles further than you can drive in a tesla model s and more than 165 miles further than you can go in a Mercedes EQS it’s enough to drive from Paris to Berlin on a single charge.

Mercedes EQXX can hold almost 100 kilowatt-hours of energy which is a bit less than the 108-kilowatt hours you get in the top specification EQS, however, the EQXX’s battery is %30 lighter than the EQS is so about 480 kilos. To achieve this Mercedes has added some more silicon to certain components. This helps each cell store more energy so you need fewer heavy cells to deliver the same amount of power.

The wheelbase which is the distance between the front and rear wheels is a few centimeters shorter than that on a Mercedes c-class. It’s slower than that car too and it looks even sleeker than the Mercedes EQS at the front.

There’s a four-width light bar at the front and the headlights are made to look like three-pointed stars you know to match Mercedes logos.
Mercedes Benz

The central Mercedes badge isn’t in the grille anymore it’s on the bonne.

It has Flush door handles and 20-inch magnesium alloy wheels with special see-through covers.

The whole battery pack is half the size of the one in the EQS. The EQXX operates at 900 volts and that’s 100 volts more than a Porsche tycoon which does 800 volts. High voltage means fast charging and so the Mercedes might be aiming to beat the Porsche tycoon’s 270-kilowatt maximum charging rate with its next-generation EVs.

Mercedes is playing the long game with the EQXX; it knows people won’t care about total range in the future because there will be more fast chargers, after all, you don’t care about the total range of your petrol diesel-powered car because there are filling stations everywhere.

To give you an idea of how much you can do with a kilowatt-hour, one kilowatt-hour will power your 50 inches LEDtv for about 10 hours; put that same kilowatt-hour in the EQXX and you can drive for just over six miles that’s about fifty percent further than you can go on the one-kilowatt hour in most normal electric cars today.

An average electric car uses about two-thirds of its energy just to push air out of the way as it drives along; this is why Mercedes has made the EQXX as aerodynamic as possible. It has a drag coefficient of just 0.18 cd. That’s 0.02 cd less than the EQS which is currently the most aerodynamic production car in the world ever. Every flap or intake serves a purpose from the transparent wheel covers that reduce turbulence to the grill shutters that only open if the battery needs cooling. The adjustable rear diffuser stays closed most of the time but it automatically deploys at high speed to reduce lift.

The Mercedes EQXX is very light even though it’s equipped with loads of fancy new tech. It weighs 1750 kilos and to put that into perspective, the lightest Mercedes EQS you can currently buy weighs in at 2400 kilos; this relatively lightweight furniture electric car is partly down to the fact that the EQXX’s doors are made from carbon fiber and fiberglass instead of Aluminium and steel-like on most cars and bits of the floor and subframes are made using a new kind of aluminum casting that’s stronger and lighter than usual. Weirdly Mercedes also added lightweight sound insulation made from banana skins chicken bones and nappies basically recycled household waste.

Mercedes also got help from its formula one division which designed a battery case made from carbon fiber and sugar cane waste another cool feature is the lightweight brake discs which are made from aluminum instead of steel these have a special coating that helps reduce brake dust by up to 90 percent so that should help keep those wheel covers looking nice and clean.

Mercedes has focused on efficiency for this car, not performance. The EQXX only has a 204 horsepower motor; that’s only slightly more than you get in a 190 horsepower EQA but it’s much lighter and more aerodynamic than the EQA so it should do naught to 60 miles an hour quicker than that car.

The screen is a massive 8k full-width display which is bigger than any screen in any Mercedes ever; it has loads of brand new menu graphics and it features Mercedes's latest computer software. Mercedes has given the EQXX a new voice-controlled avatar.

EQXX also has 117 roof-mounted solar panels. These aren’t there to drive the motor but they can power the car’s heating and infotainment systems. This takes some of the strain on the main battery which helps boost the car’s range. These solar panels can give you about 15 miles of extra range per day so long as it doesn’t rain.

The seats are trimmed with fake leather made from polyurethane and crushed cactus fibers. Some of the details in the seat base also contain faux leather made from mushroom roots. The door paws are made out of synthetic silk so they should feel lovely and be really strong and all the carpets are made out of 100 bamboo fibers. The door and floor panels are made from recycled plastic bottles.

The EQXX isn’t going into production. It’s a big teaser on wheels that shows you what future Mercedes electric cars could be like so you might get to see bits of its design, battery technology, and infotainment system in forthcoming Mercedes cars in the future.

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