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Good sleep and getting up early are some of the factors for productivity, a healthy lifestyle, and success.

It’s an amazing feeling to get up early at 6 or 5 or even 4 a.m. 7 hours of good-quality sleep for a normal adult is enough unless you are a professional athlete or have medical conditions; In that case, you should ask a doctor’s opinion.

Let’s say you want to get up early and energized at 5 a.m. To do so, the duration and quality conditions must be met. I will give you tips on two matters. First, how you can train your body to sleep 7 hours before that time at 10 p.m. and have a peaceful sleep during that 7 hours. Second, how you can get up early and energized.

Screen (very important)

Turn off your digital devices two or three hours before bedtime. The amount of light around you control the amount of melatonin hormone. This hormone makes you feel sleepy at night and controls your sleep cycles. Out of all the colors, the blue light disrupts this cycle the most, and red light has the least effect.

Go to the night light setting of your digital device and turn it on to display warmer colors at night which helps you sleep better. You can also change the degree of warmness.

LEDs light bulbs emit more blue light than fluorescent light bulbs and both emit more than old X light bulbs which are not energy-efficient and getting pushed out of the market. You can also dim the light.

Goal (very important)

“Dreams without goals, are just dreams.” — Denzel Washington

Set daily goals for yourself. It gives you more energy to get up when the alarm rings since you know if you don’t get up on time, you are not gonna reach that goal.

It would be even better if you also have a vision for your life. Arnold Schwarzenegger said that the number one rule for success is having a vision.


If you want to use any tea regularly, you should do further research to know the usage frequency since it might have unwanted side effects in the long run.

  • Chamomile tea (maybe due to an antioxidant called apigenin)
  • Valerian root
  • Lavender
  • Lemon balm
  • Passionflower
  • Magnolia bark


Reading a book before night sleep can help you fall asleep sooner.

Work Out

Exercise helps you fall asleep sooner and also improves the quality of your sleep. Exercise has several advantages. It helps your body function better and be healthier which affects the quality of your sleep. For example, exercise causes your body to release chemicals called endorphins that affect your brain and make you feel more positive and happier.


Fresh air increases the quality of your sleep and helps you wake up easier. So make sure the air has been refreshed before sleep and also keep a window open for circulation to avoid breathing low-oxygen air.

Do you need coffee?

Many people have been using coffee regularly for so long that their body is addicted to it and their brain doesn't function properly without it. If you are one of them, depending on how long you have been using it, you might be able to fix this problem. Ask a doctor.

If you have had enough good-quality sleep, you may only need a little coffee or even that may not be needed. So don’t get your brain used to coffee.


There is this awesome app called Clock from Google itself with over 1B downloads on the Google Play Store. It gives you a lot of options for your alarm. You can connect it to Spotify and choose from there. For example, you can choose The Daily (a daily news podcast by The New York Times) so when the alarm goes off, you listen to the news, which reminds you that a lot is happening and people are starting their day. This is a good way to give you the energy for that first step of getting out of bed.

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