Women's safety: A new app will enable CCTV to track a woman's return trip


The City of Lincoln Council says the app can be used by anybody who feels vulnerable.PEXEL

A new smartphone application is being created that would enable women to request that CCTV operators in a city watch them as they go back to their homes.

The app is part of a £400,000 initiative in Lincoln to enhance street safety in the aftermath of a series of assaults on women throughout the United Kingdom, which is funded by the Department for Transport.

The city's CCTV coverage will be expanded, and a training program for bar and door personnel will be implemented, among other things.

Privacy advocacy group Big Brother Watch, on the other hand, described the government-funded proposal as a "terribly flawed strategy."

Research, according to Silkie Carlo, head of civil rights at Big Brother Watch, "has shown that closed-circuit television does not reduce crime, and does not deter males from assaulting or harassing women."

Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Marc Jones is spearheading the project, which he has characterized as "one of the most important measures ever done to safeguard women and girls in Lincoln."

This is intended to address the issue of keeping children safe via education, technological advances, training programs, and heightened public awareness, with the goal that this comprehensive approach will result in long-term solutions, according to the minister.

Although this is just the first step on the road to guaranteeing that women and girls may be and feel secure, "I consider this to be a critically essential one."

The PCC's office was unable to provide a specific date for when the app would be made accessible.

The money from the Home Office will also be used to finance training for bar and door staff, as well as taxi drivers, "on topics such as vulnerability and avoiding predators."

Also being re-launched is the Ask for Angela initiative, which was created in the city and enables women to use a code word to warn others when they feel endangered.

The app will allow people to contact Lincoln's CCTV camera control room.PEXEL

The City of Lincoln Council, which operates the CCTV network, has said that, although the app is primarily aimed towards women, it will be accessible to anybody who feels threatened by their surroundings.

"Adding that extra layer of reassurance during the evening will help to give both residents and visitors peace of mind when walking alone at night, and we look forward to working with our contractors in developing the app," said Councillor Sue Burke, the council's portfolio holder for reducing inequality.

Ms. Carlo expressed herself as follows: "A stupid strategy, in essence, that proposes tracking and monitoring women by strangers as a solution to the problem of male aggression.

"If anything, this seems like it might be a recipe for abuse, putting vulnerable women at risk.

This kind of policy demonstrates that police and authorities are adept at establishing surveillance states but ineffective when it comes to women's protection.

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