McConnell: GOP Won't Help Dems Finance 'Socialist Shopping List' in Debt-Ceiling Strike

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Mitch McConnell, the minority leader in the Senate, pushed Democrats to take responsibility for their "socialist shopping list" and finance it without Republican support. In his view, either the GOP will refuse to finance the next huge Democratic spending, or it will vote to raise the debt ceiling, therefore contributing to the load placed on future generations.

Chuck Schumer, the majority leader in the Senate, unveiled a $3.5 trillion budget resolution on Monday, which included measures for health care, child care, climate change, immigration, and other Democratic objectives.

His observation was that "tragic and comedic aspects of the same coin." It's tragic, McConnell added, that middle-class people would be harmed by the Democrats' spending spree. Democrats pretend to be nonpartisan, but in fact "they won't allow Republicans have any input in this monstrosity," which is hilarious. . . As the GOP leader said, "They want our help in increasing their credit card in order to make this happen."

Sanders and the socialist "squad," McConnell said, are trying to "tax and spend this country into oblivion" by "handing the keys" to them.

As of right now, Republicans are on course to hand Biden a huge legislative win with the roughly $1 trillion infrastructure plan that would clear the way for a social agenda that will cost almost three times as much. As one of the 19 Republicans who voted to advance the old measure, McConnell cast his vote in favor.

McConnell cited the unemployment insurance expansions that exacerbated labor shortages, the amnesty drive during a southern border crisis, and the Green New Deal's impact to businesses that are still battling to recover from the recession as examples of the damage Democrats' policies will cause.

"It's our Democrat colleagues who don't care about what's historically typical. "Their borrowing and spending are out of the ordinary historically," he continued.

McConnell acknowledged that the GOP will not vote to increase the debt ceiling, but added that the Democrats may still use the back-door reconciliation process to push through a radical bill without Republican support.

“Democrats already have all of the tools they need to increase the debt ceiling in a bipartisan manner. They can find 50 Democratic votes to finance it if they want 50 Democratic votes in lockstep to spend trillions of dollars more. He stated, "They don't need our support if they don't want Republican opinion."

“Shouldn't Democrats be proud of their debt? Our colleagues appear to believe that Chairman Sanders' idea is valuable enough to burden our children and grandchildren with a hefty cost. McConnell said, "They deserve complete control over that choice."

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