Don’t yell at me Seattle for bubble tea lovers, best Taiwanese tea in Seattle

Don't Yell At Me is the best name for a store I feel so. Attention and service were on point, Kevin was so nice and happy to receive us and helping us to take the right decision with every tea.

Every boba tea comes with actual flowers floating in the tea, which is just such a gorgeous aesthetic, and the tea itself is also so delicious. I ordered the Roselle Chrysanthemum Tea and it was a delicious blend of sour and sweet, with a strong flavor or citrus and rose and florals, and at 50% sweetness it was the perfect level of sweet to balance the acidity.

We ordered the Winter Melon Chrysanthemum Tea and it was definitely a little too sweet for me even at 50% sweetness. We also ordered the Osmanthus Jasmine Milk Tea and it was absolutely delicious with the jasmine flavor, with osmanthus flowers floating in the milky tea. I might have to get a Jasmine tea here as well, just to experience that flavor again.

Would recommend this place for sure! I love the aesthetic of the place and the flavors are all so interesting and pretty to look at. I’ll recommend to visit at any time but if you are looking to seat you may want to go at night when there’s lest people cause this pls e is always pack !! Truly though the tea is so good I did not mind. I am now inspired to buy some chrysanthemum tea flowers for myself!

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