Should it be illegal for 11-year-olds to ride e-bikes? After recent tragic incidents with youth, one new bill says yes


California's leaders have newly proposed a new bill to protect riders. Introduced by Assemblymember Tasha Boerner, the bill is called AB 530, and there is a lot of discussion about how it will work. This follows the tragic passing of a 15-year-old riding an e-bike struck by a van in Encinitas this past June. Leaders are concerned about e-bike riders' safety. Assemblymember Boerner stated,

As a mother and a legislator, I believe that we must act to prevent our youth from injuries and educate parents on the promise and responsibility of e-bikes.

The Need for Stronger Regulations: Protecting California's Youngest Riders

It is currently illegal for anyone under 16 to ride a class 3 electric bike. Breaking this law constitutes a criminal offense. Now, a new proposal called AB 530 suggests an even stricter rule. It would prevent kids under 12 from using any class of e-bike.

Promoting Safety through Education: The E-Bike License Program

The goal of California's AB 530 is also to establish a program that grants licenses to age-appropriate e-bike riders, focusing on promoting road safety and adhering to age restrictions. To obtain the license, riders who don't have a valid driver's license will need to pass an online written test and get a photo ID issued by the state. This licensing system ensures that riders understand the rules and regulations for e-bike use, which will help keep everyone safe.

Ensuring rider safety is crucial, especially with the growing popularity of e-bikes. The new licensing system promotes safety and holds riders accountable and responsible. The online written test covers traffic laws, e-bike regulations, and safety measures. A state-issued photo ID confirms the rider's identity and helps track violations.

The licensing system is designed to deter riders who don't take safety seriously or have ridden without a license before. This system benefits e-bike riders and other road users, such as pedestrians and drivers, by ensuring everyone follows the same rules and regulations.

Read the bill's full text below.

The Power of Collaboration: Finding a Balanced Approach

There is a debate about whether children under 12 should be allowed to ride e-bikes. Some are worried about how this rule would be implemented and the absence of data on accidents involving young riders.

Assemblymember Boerner stated,

Not every parent is a bike rider that can ensure our youth receive proper training. This takes a real commitment from our communities and our State.

E-bike riders may wrongly assume that their risk of injury is low, leading them to overlook safety precautions and put themselves in danger. A recent tragedy in San Mateo highlights the importance of responsible behavior while riding an e-bike. A 55-year-old rider collided with a parked car and died due to heavy alcohol intoxication and a novelty helmet that offered no protection.

E-bike riders face additional risks when other drivers fail to follow California bike laws, which can lead to accidents and injuries. To ensure everyone's safety, all road users should educate themselves on bike laws and show respect to e-bike riders. E-bike riders must prioritize their safety by wearing a well-fitting helmet that provides adequate padding, adhering to traffic rules, riding defensively and predictably, and staying focused and alert while on the road. E-bikes offer many benefits, but riders must always remain vigilant to avoid accidents and injuries.

Watch the video below as a bicyclist runs a red light and narrowly escapes being hit by a driver who also ran the red light.

How would this bill banning e-bike use by individuals under 12 affect your family?

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