This is what one Uber driver wants riders to stop now immediately


We all have our fair share of Uber stories, some good, some bad, and some downright bizarre. But have you ever wondered what your Uber driver thinks of you?

At SDOC News, we interviewed an Uber driver in South Orange County, California. She shared her thoughts on what riders should do more or less of. However, what caught our attention was her experience as a female driver and the ironic reactions she received from riders.

Aren't you afraid?

As a female driver, she often would notice a sigh of relief from both men and women when they saw her. They would breathe a collective "oh a woman, I feel safe" as if they had just dodged a bullet.

But here's the irony, many of these same riders would then express concern about her safety as a female driver. It's like saying, "I feel safe with you, but aren't you scared?" It's an oxymoron and, quite frankly, insulting.

It's important to acknowledge that safety is a valid concern for all drivers, regardless of gender. However, constantly reminding a female driver about the potential danger of her job is unnecessary and condescending.

Our Uber driver made a valid point. We should stop focusing on their gender and instead focus on their driving skills. She shares that she has always felt safe driving in South Orange County, mainly because she lives in the same area, so she is more familiar with how to get around.

Watch the short video below for how riders can get peace of mind for loved ones by allowing them to follow along with their Uber trip.

What she wishes riders would do more of

Who knew that Uber drivers could be so insightful? During the interview, she also expressed her desire for riders to engage in more creative conversation. The usual questions of "how long have you been driving" and "do you make good money doing this" are getting old.

Can you blame her? It's not exactly the most thought-provoking conversation. And let's be honest, asking a stranger about their salary is awkward. But don't worry; she's not offended by the lack of creativity; she wishes there was more to discuss.

In her words, when riders bring creative conversation to the ride, it's like a breath of fresh air. It's a change in pace from the mundane small talk that she has grown accustomed to.

So next time you find yourself in an Uber, think of something out of the box to discuss. Maybe share a fun fact or ask for a local recommendation. It could lead to a memorable conversation and perhaps even a new friendship.

Watch the video below for more on being social.

Her Strangest Encounter

As a South Orange County Uber driver, you never know what kind of passengers you'll encounter. Some are polite and friendly, while others can make you regret signing up to be a driver.

But for one Uber driver, the tips have been the strangest encounters. People have offered her everything from cash to cannabis to show their gratitude. Talk about getting creative with your tipping!

Before you get any ideas, this driver wants you to know that she only accepts cash or tips through the app. So, if you were considering offering her a joint as a thank you, you might want to think again.

Despite the strange offers, the driver says she's never felt unsafe while driving for Uber in South Orange County. And that's partly due to the company's enhanced safety features like Follow My Ride and the ability to call 911.

Watch the video below for more info on Uber's safety feature: Follow My Ride.

So, what's the lesson here? If you want to tip your Uber driver, stick to cash or the app. And if you're feeling extra generous, maybe throw in a compliment or two. After all, a little bit of kindness can go a long way on those long rides.

As for offering cannabis as a tip? Well, maybe save that for your friends. Instead, spark creative conversation, and your driver will likely thank you.

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