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Six Great Places to Visit in New York City

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If there’s one thing everyone knows it’s the fact that there is no place like New York City. From Queens to Brooklyn to Staten Island, Manhattan and the Bronx; it’s energy, excitement, diversity and opportunity is unmatched. When you find yourself in the largest city in the US, it can get a bit overwhelming, especially if its your first time. Here are six places, you don’t want to miss in the midst of all the chaos and should put on you tourist’s itinerary.
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If you’re talking top tourist attractions in New York, you want to talk about Rockefeller Center. Some come here to skate on the outdoor skating rink at the base of the tower. Some come to take picture of the famous bronze sculpture of Atlas in front of the International Building. Others are here to enjoy the spectacular views the center offers. It doesn’t matter why you come, but what’s for sure is you’ll be coming back here again.


Being the tallest building in the US and the sixth tallest building in the world is no small feat and you’ll agree with me that it’s worth at least one visit. This building makes the Statue of Liberty look like a toy and the Brooklyn Bridge look like its within arm’s length. it houses the One World Observatory where people come for the spectacular views of Manhattan, New York Habor, the East River and the Brooklyn Bridge.


Located on the west side of Manhattan, Greenwich Village is one of the places that allows you experience New York like a local. If you’re a big fan of the comedy sitcom Friends, then you can see the Friends apartment building. Your night here in Greenwich Village should be spent in Fat Cat Jazz; playing games and enjoying good music. Apart from the fact that it is also a great place to shop, you can also watch an off-Broadway show here or discover the village by foot and trying out wonderful home cooking in any of the numerous restaurants scattered around. Top it off with a good laugh at the Comedy Cellar.


This castle offers exactly what its name means in Italian, ‘beautiful view’. Located near the Turtle Pond in Central Park, the castle is your best bet if you want to explore central park from a scientific view. Here you’re able to take a walk around and see the natural beauty of the wooded Ramble. Also, you get to enjoy panoramic views of the Great Lawn which is to its north. The Turtle pond which hoses five species of turtle all through the year is all time favourite especially for kids, so its most definitely family friendly.


Commonly called the Met, it is one of the most popular museums in the US. It has three sites but the most popular is the Met Fifth Avenue. With over two million works of art, there is ana extremely wide range of works to look at and simply enjoy. Although it’s humanely impossible to see the entire museum in one day, you can still get to see so much like the Temple of Dendur. You can also check out the roof top garden view, enjoy live music on the terrace. And don’t forget the MET cloisters!


Don’t think all you can do here is watch trains coming in and out of the terminal. There is actual fun stuff to do like see the Crown Jewel of Grand Central that is the most famous clock in NYC, take a lesson on acoustics at the Whispering Gallery, gaze at the stars in broad day light on the Main One Course Ceiling and of course enjoy fine dining.
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