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9 Restaurants in San Diego worth visiting

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As the lockdown which is due to the Covid-19 virus still continues to be eased, the restaurant industry is also being reduced to a naught by restrictions, closures and economic uncertainty. San Diego is one of the cities that has emerged from another shutdown and it houses some of the best restaurants in California.

If after reading this, you do decide to visit any of these places, be sure to check with their customer service for their mode of service, opening and closing hours.

Jeune et Jolie
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This restaurant is a classy and chic one. It is the second restaurant from the team behind Campfire, it is a modern restaurant seen through the lens of SoCal, it houses an open kitchen as the stage. Showcasing a sophisticated but not too stuffy menu that is fast becoming an industry favorite.

Also, it has an outdoor setting.

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This restaurant leads the list of top restaurants in the North County for progressive cuisine. It is overseen by Chef Andrew Santana. This restaurant is a sincere charmer where firewood cooked meals permeate every aspect of the menu; and this also includes the creative cocktails the restaurant has included in their menu.

This restaurant has an atmosphere that is conducive for both dates and family dinners.

Addison Restaurant

This restaurant made a history of introducing a takeaway option after their 14 years of operation as a Michelin starred restaurant. Their takeaway menu features a four course menu with rotating themes that are available for pick up from Thursdays through to Sunday nights. The restaurant also boasts of an heated outdoor terrace for dine-in services.

Galaxy Taco
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This restaurant boasts of an elite culinary program led by executive chef Christine Rivera. It hangs on its laborious and intensive mass production. This is among the leading restaurants of modern Mexican restaurants in SoCal.

It is also known for its frequent guest chef collaborations.

George at the Cove
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A three floor restaurant with an oceanic view, it offers you an adventure-filled dining experience. It has a casual rooftop terrace, an acclaimed fine dining restaurant and a craft cocktail only gastrobar.

This restaurant’s chef is Chef Trey Foshee, who is also one of the city’s in demand chefs.

Nine-Ten Restaurant and Bar
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The city of San Diego has a variety of Stellar hotel restaurants with this Bar and Restaurant being one of them. The top chef of this restaurant, Chef Jason Knibb, is a fan favorite of both the food obsessed and the other local chefs for his well cooked and non-pretentious meals.

Yakitori Hino

A Japanese restaurant, it is an under the radar spot that's well loved by the restaurant and food industry. It has extraordinary grilled skewers like the ones found at its sister restaurant Yakitori Taisho.

This restaurant also offers sake, soju and beer, if you are a fan of Asian alcohol.

Menya Ultra
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This is another Japanese restaurant which has gained national recognition due to the tasteful bowls of ramens dished out; which is set apart from other restaurants by their signature tonkotsu broth that is rich in taste.

The noodles made in this restaurant have a next to perfect pull and chew.

The Fishery.
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For a city its size, San Diego has limited restaurants that are focused on showcasing the local seafood and the range of bounty from the west coast.

This particular restaurant faces the pacific beach stalwart which just recently got a makeover. It houses a retail distribution for seafood, a restaurant and a bar all in one.

There are a vast range of restaurants to visit in San Diego as it is a city that attracts tourists. After reading this article, it is very advisable to call before you make a trip to any of these restaurants as the lockdown might have caused some of them to shut down.

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