California - The Perfect Place to Spend the Summer and What to Do There

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If there’s one thing everyone is looking forward to, it’s summer! The perfect summer spot this year has to be good old Cali. What better way to enjoy the warm sun than with all the stars and celebs. If you find yourself in California for some reason or you already live there, here’s 10 totally fun (and covid safe) things to add to your #summer21 bucket list.

Go on a hike.

The beautiful hiking grounds in California can make the exercise much more than the regular hikes you’ve gone on. Apart from the opportunity to clear your thoughts, you get to enjoy amazing views that make all the sweating worth it. Besides, hiking is a good way to burn off some of that extra calories, we’re surely going to add from of all the ice cream and fro-yos we’ll be having- Gotta keep that summer body intact. So, killing two birds with one stone or however that saying goes.

Virtual museum tours

Its no secret that California is home to arguably some of the most enviable museums in the US. and while the pandemic has made it a bit impossible to be there in person, virtual tours are fortunately a thing. All you must do is go online and find which one of the museums offer a virtual tour and when. And the good thing is most of them are free and the others very affordable. Nothing sounds better than a glass of chilled wine while enjoying the magnificence of past centuries from your screen.
National History Museum of Los Angeles County 900 W Exposition Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90007,Photo by Tracy Boeing

Get a makeover

Ultimately summer means a smashing new look to match that summer body. So, get it done! Do that big chop, try new colours with your hair, get a piercing or tattoo (be careful with this to make sure it's not something you would regret, at least regret too soon), get your nails done, wax (keep in mind beauty is pain when it comes to this). A cute makeover is the best way to feel super confident this summer, make your partner more excited and of course, keep the exes jealous.

Virtual book club/ virtual book reading

If reading is your thing or you’re just getting into books, this is a good time to either join/start a book club or hold a virtual book club or book reading. If you don’t have a ‘to read book list’ already, they’re several splendid summer book recommendations online or you can ask your friends and family to recommend your favourite books. Whether it’s romance, sci-fi or crime thrillers you’re into, reading is a less active and more relaxed way to enjoy the summer while still being slightly productive.

Beach day

If you’re a real Californian, I’m sure the beach is nothing thoroughly fascinating or new to you. But beach days can be more than just running around in the sun or playing amateur volleyball. Several beaches in Cali have a wide range of fun activities for you and your family or friends, if you take out time to check out their brochures. If you’re in California just for the summer, this is perfect. Show off that new bikini, get a nice tan and take the much-needed pictures for your Instagram feed.

Try a new recipe.

You don’t have to be the best chef around or have that secret grandma cooking prowess. All you need is a good enough recipe and a few videos on YouTube, then you’re good to go. It’s always exciting to try out new recipes, especially if you’re a doesn’t have to be perfect but have fun while making it; as long as you don’t burn down the kitchen. Just keep that take out menu nearby, just so if we’re throwing out food, we don’t starve.

Drive in movie night

Nothing better than watching your favourite (or latest) movie with your friend or significant other, with the stars watching you. It’s a great way to bond and it screams intimacy! I don’t even have to say much, I think you already have that in your bucket list. Don’t forget to have your chewables and drinkables.


I know I’m bringing the cuteness overload here, but haven’t you always wished you were lying down in the grass, with a wine or champagne or sparkling water (any drink really), with a cheese and cracker spread. Or sandwiches or just food from your favourite restaurant; catch the sunset maybe. Anything you want basically, but don’t you ever want to go on a picnic. Okay so go now. This summer.

Sleep under the stars

Nothing beats nature, trust me. This is something everyone must try at least once. Grab everything you need to make you comfy and spend the night with mother nature. It won’t be a one-night stand, because you’ll be coming back.

Do a random act of kindness

If there’s anything we all must be, it’s to be kind. Life is tough and everyone is going through it. But on your high days, be kind. Give food to homeless people, say nice things to everyone you meet or just call up old friends and distant relatives and make them feel good. The smallest things that seem so insignificant can make someone’s day. Summer is about you but don’t have to be selfish. We have to be there for each other.

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