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Touring the Best Distillery in New Richmond, Wisconsin

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Ever been to a distillery in Wisconsin?

All spirits begin their life in a distillery and the finest liquor comes from the ones meticulously made. Many of us would agree that we have no idea on the processes or even what we drink which health wise is quite dangerous. They say the best alcohol is taken at bars but honestly, distilleries beg to differ. If you are an alcohol lover and have never been to one, it should be added to your tour list.

Usually, distilleries are made to produce these alcohols and only a few stand out when it comes to having facilities that allows visitors and tourists to explore without limit. One of these distilleries is 45th parallel distillery at 1570 Madison Ave, New Richmond, WI54017, United States.

The family owned craft distillery in New Richmond, Wisconsin is said to believe in local production and has a ‘slow’ craft philosophy of being the best. They make sure not to do anything fast in their processes from slow fermentation, slow infusion, slow distillation, blending and slow aging thereby producing in smaller batches whilst focusing on the end product.

Paul Werni, the head of family and owner of 45th parallel distillery confessed to having a passion for creating a world class vodka with manageable staff and facility hence the birth of the distillery.

The distillery at New Richmond, Wisconsin uses grains that are produced locally from Rusmar farm located about eight miles from the distillery after which they mill, mash, ferment and distill all within their facility and barrel stored onsite. They are also said to have a full service facility which includes bulk production, aging storage, private labelling and bottling services and recipe development alongside twenty-five different spirits, nine of which is their own private spirit. You are really not an alcohol lover if curiosity isn’t getting the best of you right now.
45th Parallel Distillery

Photo by 45th parallel distillery.

At 45th parallel distillery, the touring process usually begins with tourists being led into the distillery whilst being told the history of the facility and the production process. They also allow tourists get peeks at the aging barrels, the fermentation tanks and bottling operation after which they are led to the tasting room where they are provided with varieties of different spirits from their 45th parallel vodka, Midwest Gin, Midwest Vodka to Border Bourbon and the famous 1570 Madison Ave Limon cello and Orange cello.
45th Parallel Distillery

Photo by 45th parallel distillery.

45th parallel distillery has remained committed to an idea known as the grain to glass idea akin to the idea of farm to plate whereby consumers want to know what it is they are drinking, the ingredients and how the product is made. The distillery had gained international notice when it received a coveted rating from renowned spirit advisor, Paul Pacult who had described their spirits as the best unflavored spirit he had tasted in years with superb distilling. In 2014, 45th Parallel Vodka also won Double Gold, the highest honor from the World Spirit Competition.
45th Parallel Distillery

Photo by 45th parallel distillery.

In 2019, the distillery had begun a 12,000 square-foot expansion to its 20,000 square-foot facility in New Richmond alongside the finest fermenting equipment and warehousing space with a full kitchen for expanded tasting and tour experience. More rooms to be explored!

Described as a fun but relaxed environment, 45th parallel distillery also made sure to provide a lounge to provide tourists with as much food as they want whilst exploring.” The idea is for our guests to not get tired,” they had said. This is definitely a first.

45th parallel distillery also made sure to organize distilling classes for interested individuals to provide a foundation about distilling and the craft industry with the two days class involving all level of production with comprehensive views of distilled alcohol production with proper exposure to equipment’s for $2000, which is undoubtedly a good deal.

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