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Trump Supporter in Minneapolis Ready To "go to jail" Rather Than Take Down His Trump Flag

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A business owner, Jay Johnson in Minnesota is in violation of local ordinance by putting up a 50-by-30-foot of "TRUMP 2020" on his property. He says he's willing to pay a fine or even "go to jail" for it.

"It looks small because it’s 150 feet in the air, but it’s a pretty big flag," Jay Johnson said, according to WCCO-TV in Minneapolis.

He has his Trump flag on top of a crane at his construction business near Minneapolis, in Buffalo, Minnesota. He said that the flag cost him $1,000 and the crane was worth around $50,000.

"I am prepared to get the fines, ultimately get cuffed, go to jail, whatever," Jay Johnson said

Johnson had taken down the flag immediately after the election in November but changed his mind and put it up again recently.

He said soon after that, a few of his construction vehicles had their windows shot out, an incident the police is still investigating.


Image From CBS of Jay Johnson

“I’m willing to forgive the people that did it,” Johnson said. “They just got to come forward and admit it. I put a reward out.”

He wasn't the only target, as apparently, that same night a store selling Trump merchandise also had it's windows shot out. No suspects have been arrested yet for either crime.

According to WCCO, Buffalo city officials stated that Johnson has gone against the law also because he should have a license for a flag as large as his. Signs that do have licenses are also only allowed to be displayed for a maximum of 15 consecutive days and the city does not issue more than two licenses in a 12-month period.

Apparently, there have been over 100 comments- both positive and negative gotten by the city over the flag. The city officials are trying to decide how to proceed with enforcement.

Johnson's neighbor, Patrick Cayanan mentioned how It doesn’t really bother him that much but it's just "weird seeing it up again. Like, are they campaigning again for 2024?"

"I always thought like, Well, why couldn't you do like an American flag or something?" Cody Hulstein said. "Where it's like, you know, this is kind of divisive."

Former President Donald Trump lost Minnesota's 10 electoral votes in the 2020 presidential election after President Joe Biden declared victory in the swing state with 52 percent of the popular vote.

Newsweek reached out to the city of Buffalo for comment but did not hear back before publication.

Jay Johnson seems to not be bothered or deterred by any of that and states that if asked to take his flag down, he'll only move it or even get a larger one.

He apparently still hasn't applied to get a permit for the flag and it hasn't been reported if he considered that an option.

It'll seem like even months after the entire electoral process, there are still several supporters of Former President Donald Trump who aren't holding back, expressing their support even to their detriment. This can be seen from the other flag related incidents that occurred last month.

An example would be of a Montana man who pleaded guilty in March to a misdemeanor violation for a dispute with a neighbor over an anti-Trump flag.

Also, a sheriff in New York received a warning from the U.S. Office of Special Counsel following an investigation into a complaint that his department flew a Trump flag from a government-owned boat in August.

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