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If there’s one thing that would make our lives much easier, it’s organisation.

Knowing where something is at a certain time, knowing what tasks to do and when to do them and having a proven system to help you manage yourself and your activities is a priceless gift you can have. Or in this case, give to yourself.

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I mean, you know all too well that feeling of pride and accomplishment you get when your home office is well arranged, you’re not living off your couch and you’ve got everything in order.

Only thing is you’re back to the takeout-smelling, clutter ridden space you call home in just three days.

And you’re asking yourself…

How did I move from a Pinterest worthy space to a home looking like a dumpster?

I have good news for you. You’re not the only one (if that’s of any help)

So what exactly does it mean to organize

-make arrangements or preparations for (an event or activity).

- arrange systematically; order.

The truth is…

Organizing is a journey, not a destination.”

Let’s face it. As much as you’d love the completely well kept desks you see on social media and detailed calendars like the ones you see in movies, you just don’t have that life.

And quite frankly, many people don’t either.

You just have to try your best to get there.

It starts with baby steps. Being intentional about where you put things, how you do things and generally, your lifestyle. Being organized is a trait that can be developed, honed and explored. You just have to want it.

For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.”

This is so true. Imagine the amount of time, resources and even money you could save if you were just very organized.

You don’t miss meetings. You don’t have to spend time looking for your socks in the shirt drawer. And you don’t have to reprint a book-sized document because ‘you can’t find it on your desk’

Organized people save a lot. And can live a chaos free life to a very large extent. It’s something I’ve always wanted.

“Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions.”– Barbara Hemphill

Back to the dumpster you’re currently sitting in. Do you realize that your space looks exactly like it is now only because of decisons you made.

...I’d throw the bottle in the bin later

...I’d put that in the drawer when I’m leaving the room

...There’s no time to fold these clothes, I’m already running late.

Sound familiar?

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Honestly, to really get this organization thing going good for you, you need to train yourself to be organized. Become super conscious of how you do things and see what needs to change.

Remember, it takes 21 days to develop a new habit.. So for 21 days, try to put the bottle in the bin immediately. Put the pencils back to the spot they belong on the table. Return the ring light in your office back to where it’s supposed to be (If you haven’t tripped because of a ring light lying around in your office, you deserve an award)

“It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Think about it. It takes just as much time wishing of an even paced life as it takes planning for an even paced life.

You just have to be willing to do it. If you’re a creative like me, capitalize on the times you have the most energy. If that’s in the morning, plan yourself and your time. Get some things done. Not just things that seem to be important but things that really are.

Stop Procastinating

If you want to make an easy job seem mighty hard, just keep putting off doing it. ~ Olin Miller

Often when we procrastinate, it’s usually because there’s an emotion associated with that activity that we do not want to experience. It could be fear, fatigue, stress or any other emotion.

To become better organized, you need to first address any negative emotions you might be feeling about organization. If not, organizing yourself then becomes a chore that you’d keep postponing for as long as possible.

Clutter is not just physical stuff. It’s old ideas, toxic relationships and bad habits. Clutter is anything that does not support your better self. ~ Eleanor Brownn

Are you dealing with lots of clutter right now? Or better still, are you a hoarder? If you don’t weed out old thoughts, habits or traits, you’d leave no room for new things to grow.

Give yourself a purge

Saturdays are an amazing day for this. To give room for your new lifestyle to grow, you need to declutter. Here are a few ideas of things you can declutter today (or next Saturday)

Emails- those 10,000+ unread emails need to be booted out.

Facebook groups- All those groups you joined because of FOMO, it’s time to pull out

Closet- We both know you don’t need that many clothes. Give them out to the less privileged.

Desk- Honestly, the world is going digital. Less paper please.

Start Batching

Batching is the secret to many people’s success. Sometimes, we just don’t have the vibe to do certain things. Batching helps fill up that void. If you know you’re going to do something periodicaly, it’s much more convenient to do it all at once and then pick one out when you need. This could be really helpful for you. For example, you could set out outfits to work for an entire week on Sunday.

You could also create a month’s worth of social media or internet content in a couple of hours

Except what you do has the likelihood to expire if created in advance, I see no reason why batching isn’t great.

Little encouragement: It’s okay if you’re very organized this week and mess up throughout next week. It’s all part of the learning process. Organization is a journey and not an act.

Do you find yourself struggling to stay organized? Share with us in the comments what that journey has been like. And if you’ve got some pro-tips to help us stay better organized, we’d love to hear all about it as well.

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