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If you’re one of the people who now has to go to the office once a week or not at all, then this post is definitely for you.

So we have a ‘new normal’ Can’t say I like the word so much but it's one we all use when describing the world we’re in right now. For anyone who’s been in the online space for a while, this is anything but new.


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I’m sure at some point you’ve felt the virtual burnout (that feeling where you’re tired of staying at home or you kind of miss corporate)

So I wrote this post to help you manage yourself, time and be super successful while working from home.

Without further ado, let’s start with the most obvious success tip

Create a Schedule

Don’t just create one, STICK TO IT. A schedule would help you plan yourself, your day and the number of hours you spend working. You’d also be able to establish a fine line between your personal and professional life.

Try to create a clear outline of work hours and non-work hours. And then do work related activities only during work hours. If you have the occasional day that you need to work outside those hours, that’s fine. But for every other day, carry out work related activities only during work hours.

This would prevent spending all your waking time on work and actually have a life.

Get yourself a work atmosphere


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Did you know that you increase your level of productivity when you’re in a work space? There are no distractions and no temptations to take a nap (like the ones you always feel when you work from your bed)

Creating a workspace for yourself (even if it’s just at the corner of your room) would help you clearly demarcate work from leisure and put you in the right mood for the day.

Tip: If you don’t have a home office, get a table facing the wall or window. This would help prevent distractions around the room.

Get as comfortable as you can afford

You don’t want to leave the work from home life with several spinal injuries, wrist and neck pains and general body ache.

But this is what you stand to experience if you don’t take good care of yourself and work in the right position

If you don’t already have one, go chair shopping. This could be in-store or online. You’d need it for the long hours you spend at a table. Besides, you know working from the living room couch doesn’t cut it anymore.

Schedule breaks between tasks

Even if you shopped for all the right equipment; a good chair and table, stationery holders and all that good stuff, you still need to take breaks.

Taking breaks helps increase your productivity because you come back refreshed and clear headed. You’d also have fewer tendencies to suffer burnout if you take some time to rest, especially between intense thinking sessions.

How to make scheduling breaks effective?

Set an alarm that goes off at certain times everyday

To enforce this, you can lock yourself out of your computer for a certain time with apps like TimeOut for Mac and Smart Break for Windows

Incentivize yourself

It might be pretty difficult to focus on tasks and be productive when you don’t have supervisors physically checking on you and reviewing your work. If you’re struggling with this, it would be great to consider giving yourself incentives for work done.

How does this work?

Well, if I know that I only get to have the box of chocolates when I have completed a certain task, say replying emails. I would be eager to get done with the task because of the benefit at the end.

This is a very great way to motivate yourself to do certain things and it works perfectly when working from home.

Communicate effectively

You’re no longer at the office. So you can’t just walk into Lisa’s office to make yourself heard. When working from home, make sure you communicate your needs and any other resources that would make you efficient to the right parties or colleagues.

Leverage the power of messaging apps, Google Meet and Zoom to ask and receive information when needed.

Get out of your house

Spending all the time in your house or room because you now ‘work from home’ is not a good idea.

Because you need Vitamin D from the sun. Also, studies have shown that staying in the same place for long stretches of time can breed depression and other mental health issues.

Due to the unique situation we’re now in, you can’t just go visiting people. So here are a few ideas that need getting out of the house

  • · Take a walk around the block
  • · Do your grocery shopping physically (don’t have it delivered to you)
  • · Make a habit of stepping into your porch or balcony (if you’ve got one) and just have a look at your surroundings.

Practice self-care

I saved this for last because it is definitely one of the most important factors that can guarantee work from home success.

Taking good care of yourself is vital to being productive. And if you don’t take the time out to care for your body and mind, they will forcefully take the time from you.

Looking to maintain some form of sanity?

Have activities that you do outside of work. It may be;

  • reading a book
  • tending to a plant
  • getting a pet and having fun with it
  • spend time journaling and planning your month or year.

One thing that’s certain is we’ve all been working from home for a while now and productivity levels are dwindling. The truth is lots of people are suffering burnout because they aren’t able to balance work and life well.

Do you practice nay form of self-care? Remember, you can tweak these tips and settle on one that works best for you.

That said, have you had any interesting experiences working from home? Share them in the comments and let’s have a good laugh or give you support, depending on what’s needed.

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