From a Past 18 year old to another. Make sure your daughters and nieces read this.

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It’s an exhilarating feeling to be 18. And if you’re 18 and don’t know what that word means, google it. It's the number 1 lesson you’re going to learn from this post but more on that later.

Like I was saying, it’s an exhilarating feeling to be 18. You’re legal! You could officially start your own business but that’s the boring stuff right?

Now you can drink as much as you want, drive and even legally attend clubs in some countries. What’s more to life?

Well there is more to life and in a little corner of your heart you might know it.

I’m not going to make this post extra interesting to read because you’re at the peak of teenagehood and have a short attention span. You’re either in for the juicy details or you’re not.

You have your whole life ahead of you and thankfully, you’re not part of the class that had to graduate in their kitchen. (If you are, I’m really sorry about that) So, there’s still hope for a cap and gown in your near future.

And that’s what I’m majorly here to talk about. If you;ve gotten this far, then you’ve done more than half your mates ever would because they run at every sight of text.


In a few years from now-very few actually- you’re going to be attending birthday parties and celebrations your friends are throwing. And it would be a whole new ball game. No more mall parties or any of that.

There’d be some real classy things being thrown and you’d be there for it.

You’re all going to gush over your new friend’s presents, take some pictures for the gram (hopefully, it’s still trending by then) and you’re going to go home and move on with your life.

Your birthday would come as well and everyone’s going to do the same. And here’s where you should be smarter. There are three kinds of birthday gifts you should be ready to ask for or hint at receiving because you’re in the real world now.

From friends- gracefully accept the nice purses, earrings and all the other stuff people your age give

Any significant other- anything you can smile and gush over. Because I’m not some boring old hag ready to take away all the fun in your life.

From people older than you- start asking for investments. Shares, stock, and anything that’s financially profitable in the long term. Try not to ask for a nice Gucci purse or some other meaningless expensive thing from every capable adult. Maybe ask one or two of them. But these investments should be the major things you ask for.

And here’s a creative way to get it.

Whenever you’re having a conversation in the kitchen or living room with anyone who’s older (I know it’s rare right now) say something along the lines of

It would be so nice to have some shares in ‘whatever company you hoped to get an expensive purse from’

And if they can’t get you that. They’d get you the closest they can afford.

If you’re still wondering why you should ask for this, simple google

‘Why i need some long term financial investments for my life’

Figuring life out

Lots of people spend time worrying and stressing over how their life’s going to turn out. What’s interesting about this is worrying doesn’t bring them any closer to figuring things out.

Sometimes, you just need to go through the motions because certain things only become clearer the older you get.

Try to stop thinking you have your life all figured out because some things would definitely change. But most importantly, avoid trying to have your life all figured out right now. I know it’s scary to not know what lies in tomorrow and to be having doubts about college majors but it’s all part of the process.

Again, things would become much clearer in time.

Becoming Ambitious

Someone really wise said this to me and I’m passing it to you.

‘Don’t be so eager to become an adult and lose out on all the experiences of childhood’

This is for you who’s very ambitious. If you’ve had even just a little taste of what adulting is like, it can be very sweet but also very deadly. Don’t let the activities of adulthood suck you in and make you lose out on all the freedom you have as a child. Go to your friends parties (the ones who are actually your friends) when you have the chance.

Celebrate. Enjoy. Dance. Have one hell of a time.

Because you only experience this once.

Don’t just work hard, work smart

I’m saying this and I want you to hear it loud and clear.

Begin to train your mind that you have to work hard. And when you’ve worked really hard, begin to work smart. You should not have to work hard forever.

And no, this doesn’t mean you must have the dream of becoming a CEO one day. Just know that whatever you do, you should end up doing little to no work for maximum compensation.

Your Self-worth, Self-esteem and Self-confidence

I saved the best for the last because this might make the most sense to you right now. It’s normal to have some days where you feel like S#!+ It’s completely normal if those days become weeks and last up to a month.

You’ve got something called hormones that sometimes make you feel like no one wants you, or you’re alone in this world or generally that you’re not enough. On these days, don’t take these thoughts to heart because they’re not true.

If you’re having more of these $#!+ days than usual, talk to someone. Don’t keep it in and let it brew to the point you’re writing last notes.

If you’re being bullied (and I mean any form of bullying) speak up. The worst that could happen is that your life is hell for a few years at most. It’s much better than you losing your life and becoming just a fleeting thought in the mind of those that bullied you.

Half the things I’ve written in this post most likely would make no sense to you. But I’m glad you’ve read it. Because when the time comes, it would pop into your mind like a name you’ve been trying to remember for a long time.

With that said, have a nice day and an amazing life.

From a past 18 year old to you.


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