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Bees and Butterflies protection in Scottsdale

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SCOTTSDALE, AZ - Protecting pollinators like bees and butterflies is a priority not just for the City of Scottsdale, but also for the nation.

Bees play an important part as pollinators in supporting our native habitats. Unfortunately, they are dying at an alarming rate because of their unfavourable reputation. Stings, allergic reactions, or nesting activity damage usually come to mind when talking about bees, causing people to attempt to minimize the number of bees on their property.

There are a few easy ways you can move bees without harming them. One way is to push them to seek alternative living arrangements by restricting access to suitable nesting places. Fill gaps in walls and buildings with voids of at least 18 inches in diameter. Fill in any cracks and crevices in walls, rooflines, and around the foundation using a good grade sealant.

Moving their water and food sources can also be used to minimize encounters on your property. Relocate or repair things that can be used as water sources by bees, such as birdbaths, pet water bowls, leaking outdoor water taps or irrigation systems. Also, discard fruit that has fallen from trees on a regular basis, keep sugary, sweet-smelling foods and drinks covered when eating outside, and close and keep garbage cans away from building entrances.

Search for companies that perform humane bee removal if you need help with a bee infestation. Don't harm or destroy the swarm or hive, to prevent long-term problems in the ecosystem.

Other than bees, butterflies are also an important part of the ecosystem. Butterflies are vital pollinators in gardens, helping to ensure that fruits, vegetables, and flowers develop new seeds. Even though this pollinator doesn't have a bad reputation like bees, butterflies such as the Monarch butterfly are threatened by habitat loss and fragmentation. Their populations have dropped by 90 percent in the last 20 years.

To help protect the Monarch, a pledge was made. The NWF Mayors' Monarch Pledge encourages towns to commit to creating Monarch butterfly and pollinator habitats, as well as educating residents on how they may help these pollinators.

Scottsdale also provides butterfly gardens in some of its parks. Desert milkweed and native nectar plants, which are Monarch-friendly plants, are used by the city's park maintenance crew and they're planning to plant more in new locations.

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