How to Write in a Way That Gets You Out of Bed in the Morning

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I’m learning how to write in a way that actually gets me up in the morning.

Maybe not learning, but remembering. Remembering the way I write when I’m actually having fun doing it.

Basically, it’s the way in which I’ve always enjoyed writing, but started seeing myself stray from due to the influences of more “accomplished” people.

I have a bad habit of letting advice sway my mind too easily. I’ll read an article about needing to make my routine more like this and my writing more like that if I really want to be a writer. If I want more readers than I have to take these steps and I have to format my writing in a way that’s nearly unrecognizable to the way in which I like to write because, well, you gotta pump up those numbers, right? Right??

I read these things and fall right into thinking Aw, man, I totally gotta do all these things! So, I try to change myself, to straighten my writing tie and make myself more presentable. It’s only until the initial spirit of that moment wears off that I realize I was making myself miserable trying to be something that I’m not.

It’s been a slow understanding, but I’ve come to a point now where I’m aware of the kind of writing I like doing enough that it actually gets me out of bed in the morning.

Normally, as I’m sure so many of us can attest to, whether we wake up by alarm or not, the moment we wake up is usually always followed by the feeling of absolute comfort and the magnetizing desire to go right back to sleep. I know I’m a sucker for the snooze as much as anyone. I haven’t yet waded in the same waters as the folks setting their alarms to rile the roosters themselves, though. No five o’clock for me, thank you very much. At least not yet. Let me work my way up to it, okay? For now I prefer to let the sun wake me with a gentle nudge after it’s had a chance to put its pants on first.

This is mostly because it seems to be impossible for me to get myself to go to bed before midnight, but the former night owl in me can’t help but see that twelve on the clock and whisper Hoo hoo whooooo cares?

I’m getting myself in the habit of waking up earlier, though, and it’s all because I know that the first thing I’m going to do is open a fresh page and let my leftover dream stream run wild. It’s a time when you might not feel as fresh as you would if you gave yourself some more time to gain a little more consciousness, but I think it’s a great time to immediately start while the lingering abstractions of the dreamscape are still floating around in your head. It’s because I know what kind of things I’ve been able to produce in this freshly woken state of mind that I have such an easy time getting out of bed the moment I wake up instead of laying around for an hour.

It’s the same feeling you had as a kid when you woke up on Saturday knowing that your favorite cartoons were about to start, or that you had a brand new video game you couldn’t wait to play. I wasn’t hitting the snooze back then, too many bad guys to fight.

I may not have that same insane excitement I did when I was a child running for the remote, but I still know that I’m getting up for an exciting reason. I get to think, I get to create, I get to find things within myself that I didn’t know were there until I decided to just start digging.

It’s another chance to find a new gem, something original and obscure, within your mind. We may not find these rare stones every day, or even every other, but when we do, there’s nothing like it. It’s confirmation of a unique existence, of an individual life that, through an insanely particular combination of experiences and memories, has somehow been able to produce something utterly singular in the universe. The only thing of its kind, only birthed as a secondary product of an already singular human life.

And you get the chance to do that.

You are lucky enough to have the opportunity to stretch the sleep off your bones and immediately start the excavation for those alien fossils, those divine moments when your fingers skip ahead a few lines and produce something entirely unplanned for or predicted. You lay your eyes on a creation unknown to you, but which came from your very hands. It’s moments like these that open my weary morning eyes and move my feet from the fuzz to the floor. It’s the thing that keeps me consistent and the thing that motivates me even when I’m dying to slip back into the sheets.

The secret to it all, is that you have to be doing the writing that you want to do. Not something you feel forced to do. When you allow yourself to be truly in your element, without the confines of expectation or obligation to others, you can roam these digital streets without a care in the world. It becomes an open road, an adventure without a map. No direction, no real destination, no headlines, no careful editing, just you and an idea, holding hands and walking towards infinity.

It’s a privilege to have the freedom we have to say what we want, especially to a group as large and like-minded as yourselves. We should be happy for anyone to listen to us.

So, write in a way that gets you up in the morning. Write how you want to write how you want to write it. Use that freedom to find those unique gemstones within yourself then come show the rest of us, we’re waiting to see what kind you found.

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