Regarding Love, Identifying and addressing five relationship killers


Every day, hundreds of couples split up for many reasons and there is always promise in the countless break-up patterns that may be found by a keen observer.

For the simple reason that they provide us with hints about what any person may do or how any man can behave to entice an ex-girlfriend to want to get back together with him again.

It's tough to choose just a few main pitfalls in romantic relationships since there are so many. But first, let's narrow it down to five of the most irritating reasons for a breakup.

The power of knowledge cannot be overstated. Men may learn how to mend broken relationships and win their ex-girlfriends back by looking into the causes of breakups and shedding light on them.

One: I just need to be more self-reliant.

Despite the fact that relationships are fantastic, many individuals begin to take them for granted. A lot of effort is required when you're in a relationship, even if it ends up being terrific. As a result, a small number of individuals begin to consider moving away from their parent's home.

Their experience of being "out there and alone" is lost on them. Eventually, they come to believe that living a single life is less stressful than being "weighed down" by a romantic relationship. They want to experience "freedom" once again.

Most individuals naturally wish to be as self-sufficient as possible. Total independence, on the other hand, is something that almost everyone romanticizes when they don't really have it.

One of those "the grass is greener on the other side" mentalities still prevails today. In a relationship, they want to be free, but when they're not, they want to be close again.

The remedy is as simple as giving your ex some space to get used to being alone once again. It's common knowledge that being in a relationship is preferable to being single.

You can't stop them from becoming involved with someone else instead of returning to you. Controlling anything will only make things worse in the long run. For the time being, give your ex-girlfriend some "freedom" and see how she does. After a few weeks, ask her whether her newfound freedom has made her feel "lonely." It happens all the time, and you never know when your ex-lover may contact you again.

Two: "There's someone else I'm in love with," she said.

There are few things more devastating than being dumped for no good reason. When someone you care about confides in you that they have fallen head over heels in love with someone else, it's upsetting.

You're expressing natural sentiments if you're in a lot of emotional distress because of this predicament. It stings! Make no attempt to hide this fact! “Also, make a point of never allowing your pain and rage to fuel you towards criminal activity. Attempts to undermine your ex's relationship with someone else may be made, for example. This will just exacerbate the situation.

Fighting fire with fire is a far better strategy. To put it another way, you should go out there and meet new people as soon as possible. Your ex-girlfriend has moved on to another man after you broke up with her. You, on the other hand, should. Why? As a way of demonstrating to your ex that you have "other possibilities" except him or her.

In other words, this is a more proactive and upbeat approach to dealing with your emotional distress. It is better to share your issue with someone else than to go through it on your own. That being said, the ultimate result of this method might be that it attracts your ex back! Your ex will experience a range of consequences if you start seeing someone else.

To begin with, he or she will notice that you aren't going to sit around and mope over a past relationship that never materialized. You're a cheerful individual who is content with the way things are. You're a strong person who can bounce back fast.

As a result, people will have a favorable impression of you. Second, your ex will be envious. Even if they've found someone else, their emotions towards you won't go away simply because they've found someone else. Whatever her current relationship status, she will have to face her emotions towards you if she sees you with someone else. It's understandable if seeing someone else makes you uncomfortable. It's never simple to deal with shattered relationships, though.

In the third place, "I'm not physically attracted to you anymore."

First and foremost, if your breakup was caused by a lack of physical appeal, ask yourself: Why should this be true? Start with the obvious. Once you felt secure in your relationship, did you start to loosen up? You could have put on 20 or even 50 pounds. Alternatively, you may have let go of something quite different. You either stopped grooming yourself to appear at your best or stopped dressing in a manner that exuded flair and sophistication.

If this is the case, it's possible your ex-girlfriend has a strong argument on her behalf. In your mind, your ex-boyfriend was going to "love you no matter what." Maybe she even says it to you, just to change her mind when she sees you as a chubby, out-of-shape slob!

Get in shape! That's the obvious answer. Make an effort to look your best, feel seductive, and be someone your ex will be glad to be seen in public if you respect yourself and your ex enough to do so. There are no longer any justifications!

It's true that some individuals lose interest in you despite their strong physical attraction to you for a variety of less visible reasons. There's a chance they're bored and want a wider range of physical appeal to choose from.

For those who have not changed physically since they began dating, however, the notion that they are no longer "physically beautiful" may just be an external explanation for a more serious issue inside their relationship. Consider your options.

Four: "I've had it with this pestering!”

"Nag" is a term that all women despise. No woman wants to be labeled a "nagger" or even thought of as one. Can guys, however, also be nags? Yes, they certainly can. To be fair or not, nagging is more often associated with women than males.

To be honest, it's hard to tell the difference between nagging and helpful criticism. One thing is for certain: Even if you deserve it, no one loves to be nagged. Finally, let's sum things up. Putting a lid on 95% of the nagging is all anybody needs to do.

The potent poison of nagging corrodes relationships regardless of how tough or impossible it seems. Couples must learn to quit complaining and criticizing one another if they don't want to suffer the repercussions. This is tough: you can't choose to nag even though you have every right to. Put an end to it!

The only way you'll get your ex back is if you can persuade her that you're no longer bothering her.

You should also consider whether or not it's too late if your ex has already departed. On the other hand, if you don't quit bugging your ex, you're certain to never get your ex back again. Start by not bothering others.

Decide that nagging will no longer be a part of your life. You'll be in a better position to begin the mending process for your relationship if you can overcome the annoying behavior. Future relationships are on the line as long as you keep nagging. Make fewer errors in the future.

Five: "How come you're not more like him/her?"

When one spouse continuously compares the other to someone else who always appears so brilliant and wonderful, it may be damaging to the relationship. "Bill's yearly salary is $75,000! You can hold your own with him when it comes to intelligence. Or, so-and-so goes to the gym every day and manages to maintain a trim figure that is both attractive and desirable.

"How come you can't? Your partner's self-esteem suffers as a result. They have every right to walk away from the relationship if they so want.

Think about the final words your ex-partner used to justify walking out: "I suppose I'm just not that good, and I doubt I ever will be!" Then you can look yourself in the eye and say that you were the one who put a spike through your heart.

Getting your ex back is as simple as doing the task that was put in front of you. The continual comparison of your ex to someone "better" must be atoned for.

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