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Things are changing in relationships. We don't have the same kinds of connections that our parents and grandparents had, and we definitely don't.

Evolution has pushed humans to alter the manner in which men and women interact, pair, and decide whether or not to remain monogamous throughout the years. Divorce has made it possible for women to leave abusive marriages and find new ways to support themselves.

The ideal relationship evolves together with the evolution of partnerships. Back in the day, getting married was the perfect way to bring together two families and their respective estates. As a result of Hollywood and partly because we are going towards spiritual love and not simply about survival and pooling our resources, we now have an idea of "romantic" love via marriage.

In the prehistoric period, partnerships were primarily about sharing resources. In those days, women were the primary breadwinners since they gathered the bulk of the household's food supply, such as nuts, seeds, berries, and vegetables. The hunt was only given to the males on rare occasions.

The meals were mostly provided by the ladies. Since evolution, women have fallen to the wayside as males have risen to dominance in supplying resources via technology and by controlling women in marriage, allowing men to monitor the mother of their children... and because the whole world has become about control. In our world, the grip of power is beginning to loosen up as we speak. It's a lot.

See how things are going in the US economy. The pendulum is once again swinging toward the sexes providing the means of subsistence. Women are once again taking their rightful place at the heart of economic activity, according to anthropologist and scholar Helen Fisher.

When it comes to collecting resources, making everyday life decisions, and assuming leadership positions in government and society, women are becoming more powerful.

Experts in the field of love believe that a powerful woman may be frightening to men; yet, some argue that women should provide a caring environment in their relationships, acting as a "soil" in which a man can plant and develop his seed. This isn't where we're going with the change in relationships, in my opinion.

There's a deeper evolutionary process at work, in which we're beginning to reexamine the biological roles of men and women and investigate ways to actually shift these roles so that both sexes are aware of their masculine and feminine bodies and hormones and have more options when it comes to relationships, more options for how to love, and more options for creating the ideal love they're after

That was definitely not on my mother's mind when she got married. "What a lovely guy," she was thinking to herself. "I hope he chooses me!" Because of the increased freedom women currently have in romantic relationships, we must rethink our romantic fantasies and aspirations.

Being a strong woman is often seen as a challenge for males, yet strong women have always been essential for ensuring the survival of families and ensuring the continuity of societies. Relationships don't exist in a vacuum, and strong women know that. They also know that their families and romantic partners are extensions of themselves.

Not only are we suffering relationship problems because we refuse to "work" on them, but the relationships themselves are letting us access all of our wounds, pain, and unanswered questions about love.

A terrific guy or a beautiful lady may come along, but the relationship may not take off because you're still working over a love pain or trying to figure out what kind of love you want to establish.

You may be in a relationship with someone because your soul has made an agreement to be with that person, not for any rational reason. We may question the connection on a regular basis with our rational minds, but we must remain in order to learn our lesson about love and assist the other person in learning their lesson.

Even when our romantic relationships don't work, strong women understand that we still create love wherever we go. We're still willing to make room in our hearts for love.

We're also overcoming decades of cultural norms that have held women back from escaping violent marriages. In the modern world, women are no longer compelled to remain in a relationship in order to make ends meet or be accepted by their families and communities.

Women are now more likely to choose independence over suffering since the new relationship ideal is self-realization rather than sacrificing oneself for another.

In other words, it does not mean that women will neglect their children in favor of self-centeredness. However, on a practical level, child-rearing will no longer be the end-all and be-all for a woman, and our definitions of what a woman's role is in the world and what a man's role is in the family will change for our children.

With their choices, women are reshaping the globe and giving everyone a voice to make a positive difference in their relationships and their lives.

Because no relationship can be guaranteed to survive, strong women in love are the ones who remain adaptable to changes in their partners.

It doesn't follow, though, that strong women aren't affected by the end of a relationship. Taking separation and pain and loss into our hearts and healing and looking at all the unresolved wounds we have had in love, not just this life but for all the lifetimes you have ever lived, really means we grow more emotionally powerful.

I'm aware that my mother never had the chance to work through her issues in her marriage with my father. That's why I devote time to thanking her. Despite feeling imprisoned, unable to express her, and unloved, my mother instilled in me the values of independence, strength, and freedom.

Strong women teach other women and men how to be wounded and yet love even when they are injured. They educate them to give instead of thinking about "what's in it for me". You can only imagine how different the world will be once we stop feeling imprisoned by the choices we make in love, life, and relationships.

This change in relationships calls for us to uncover all that has remained hidden and embrace it until it no longer causes us pain.

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