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Wouldn't it be great if you could spend only 20 to 30 minutes a day cultivating one new connection that would more than quadruple your income?

The game of establishing relationships is about to become a whole lot more interesting from here on out. Please consider two words that may have a significant impact on both your personal and professional life.

Would anything different happen if you made it a point to intentionally seek out new connections? Suppose you assigned a monetary value to each of those new connections.

My results were nothing short of spectacular after doing it a few years ago. Keep with me here, even if it seems cold and calculated.

All of this began one evening when I was giving a presentation on Internet marketing to a local chapter of the nonprofit organization Scores of the Region of the East. So, I was talking about how to make email more valuable in your company. A thousand-dollar note bookmark was sitting on my desk, and I realized it was a happy accident. It appears just like a $1,000 bill when you hold it up.

To make an impression on the audience, I urged them to treat each email address as if it were a $1,000 bill and held up that bookmark as an example.

After that, I said, "What if you could cultivate one new relationship every day for the rest of your life? And how many of those connections would you want to have, each of which brings you an extra $1,000?"

It didn't take long for the other people to respond. One or two in the crowd stood up. Some people laughed out loud. Numerous people whom I had assumed were still sleeping started asking me questions. What I found was that the value label I assigned to their potential future connections, which might start with an email conversation, made sense to them. They weren't simply looking at a number anymore. They were able to see the possibility for profit.

So, my "on purpose" relationship income experiment started as soon as I realized I'd hit pay dirt on something important. Instead of seeing every email connection as an opportunity to generate $1,000 in passive revenue, I decided to treat them all as income streams worth at least $1,000 each. To be sure, I thought every single one of them would have to be a win-win situation with genuine benefit for all parties involved.

Since then, every time the phone rang or I met someone new, got a recommendation, or an email, I felt as if I had just won another $1,000. In the hopes of meeting just one person, I would randomly contact people or show up somewhere.

After that, each day began with the knowledge that I would meet someone new and purposefully form another connection with that individual. On other days, the momentum is so strong that I ended up creating many new connections. It's gotten to the point where it's amazing. The number of individuals who wanted to work with me and donate money to me began to rise. That's mind-blowing.

After a while, I started keeping tabs on the number of new connections I was intentionally forming each day. To find out what they needed and how I might assist, I had brief conversations with each of them. Every time, in the back of my mind, I knew we'd both end up with at least $1,000 in our pockets.

Let me introduce you to two words I coined throughout my research to help you better grasp this idea. Both terms refer to the value of a relationship and the income a relationship generates.

Friendliness and the Value of Friendship

To put it another way, RV is the value that you place on meeting someone for the first time. RI is the money you make as a result of intentionally forming new connections.

I'm well aware that not every connection will result in a client or customer paying me $1,000 in RI, but that doesn't matter. I simply have a feeling that every new connection will lead to the one that does. As a result, the addition of a new romantic partner actually raises my RV.

It takes place on a daily basis, without fail. As one individual contacts another, it's amazing how quickly things spiral out of control. Fresh circumstances that provide new revenue. The more people I meet, the more RI or trackable relationship income I get.

To be clear, I understand that the concept of establishing fresh connections is nothing new to you. However, maybe setting a goal of defining one new relationship each day is?

My own definition of "new relationship" is the first discussion that lays out the groundwork for the future development of the connection. Calls lasting 20 minutes or more or email exchanges lasting more than two emails are typical for me. That's long enough for me to figure out how to start working with the new individual.

In writing, I record the date, how they found me, and the main topics we discussed at our first meeting... Other than that, I'm idle. Otherwise, I simply go about my business as usual and go on to the next one if there is one left for the day.

What's remarkable about this idea is that I went back through my monitoring sheets and saw the effects of these new "on purpose" connections. There has been a significant rise in my real income, resources, and company holdings during the past 18 months. The majority of it may be attributed to the fact that I make an effort to build one new connection each day.

I never understood how much power I had over the money that would come from "purposefully concentrating" on establishing new connections until I began following the route and monitoring them.

Do you know how much this concept is valuable to you?

Consider the potential financial benefits of just one concept. You set a goal of meeting one new person each day and achieve it. Consider the fact that each one has a definite present-day worth. Any Relationship Value (RV) you want may be used. One thousand bucks have been my go-to amount for a long time now.

If you could make one new connection every day of the year, you could earn $360,000 per year in relationship income.

Suppose you cheated and performed this "on purpose" workout just once a week instead of twice a week as recommended. If that's the case, you'd have a salary of $182,500 per year.

Imagine if just 20% of those "on purpose" connections that were formed every other day had any real emotional worth. Even if you didn't make any extra money from connections, you'd have an extra...A salary of $36,000 per year.

Real money may be made by simply and easily forming one new connection each day.

What happens if one of your "intentional" relationships ends up being worth considerably more and bringing in a lot more money than you anticipated? Naturally, you'll make more money. Moreover, it will occur on a number of your new connections, not just one or two.

Some of my friendships have developed well beyond my expectations. These individuals I "intentionally" met have turned into close friends and long-term, lucrative customers. Other people have thrown in their two cents. The outcomes of my "on purpose" experiment have been astounding for me personally."

Something to think about.

Some people will doubt the validity of the whole concept, and that's okay. Others may believe it's cold and unethical to build a connection with someone only for the goal of making a thousand dollars or more off of them.

That doesn't seem to be the case. Because of this, my clients feel that I give excellent value for their money. Just another way of helping us meet new individuals and figure out who we'd want to do business with within the long run!

Do we not, in business, devise ways and plans to promote and sell our goods and services? Don't we already have our minds made up when we make a pitch to a potential customer? Isn't it our goal to persuade that individual to buy into us and the offering? Obviously, I say.

However, this is not the case for the majority of us. To let our prospective consumers and clients know we have something of worth is all we're doing here.

The idea that you should create one new connection every day is simply a strategic way to ensure that you keep building meaningful and viable partnerships that will react, realize, and reciprocate for you over time in loyal, purposeful business.

In other words, I don't see these new "on purpose" partnerships as chilly, nave beginnings. You all mean a lot to me, and I appreciate you all. When it comes to relationships, I do what is sensible and appropriate to gain the trust of the people I'm working with.

As I'm pleased to report, the vast majority of these people have gone on to enjoy a broader, richer professional experience as a result. Some of these friendships have blossomed into long-term, fulfilling partnerships. Almost all of them were worth much more than I had expected. There are also some that have developed into real revenue for my company.

When it comes to establishing a company, I think that "connection development" should not be considered a relic of the past. As a matter of fact, the sooner you adopt a methodical approach to increasing the number of meaningful connections in your life, the sooner you will see a significant rise in your earnings.

My "New Relationship of the Day" will be someone new today. Is it you, by any chance? I encourage you to get in touch with me so that I can boost your earnings by $1,000 this year. Most likely, the revenue I can generate for you will be much higher. Send me an email so we can discuss your ideas.

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