Best Food Trucks in Charlotte!

There is an increased demand for outdoor and easy meals. Charlotte has several food trucks that have been working to provide delicious, healthy, and safe meals. The food trucks are best for quick bites, cravings, and family and friends outdoors. Here are some of the best food trucks in Charlotte to try out next time.


Maria's is known for serving the best comfort food like chicken, cheese, and mac. One of the must-try at Maria's is a hot bowl of gooey mac.

Deejai Food Truck

The Deejai food truck serves authentic Thai cuisine. Deejai is perfect for the go-to spot for pad-Thai, lo mein, yellow curry, and much more.

Dumpling Girls

Rebecca Huang founded the Dumpling Girls inspired by her father's Sichuan-style cooking. The Dumpling Girls prepared food with traditional Chinese methods.

Ace of Spuds

Ace of Spuds is a perfect place for your baked potato loaded with fillings. The mouthwatering toppings make every bite delicious and satisfying.

Chickpeasy on Wheels

Chickpeasy on Wheels is a spot for healthy eating. Chickpeasy on Wheels has a passion for making people happy with the food.

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