Habits of Focused People for Productive Life Style

Saurabh Adhane
You can do anything as long as you have the passion, the drive, the focus, and the support.

We love multitasking. Watching movies while eating and texting during work, is common for us.

but, wait!

Our brains hate multitasking. We fail when we try to multitask. Our brain still works like hunt gatherers. We are more civilized now, but the brain doesn’t get updates like our iPhone.

When I see highly focused people around me. I wish to be like them. Highly focused people are well organized and clear about their goals.

Focus can decide the quality of your life. Focused people are more happy and healthy. They work like pros and deliver results in silence. You’ll never see them frustrated. They follow certain habits and routines to become more productive.

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1. They don’t believe in motivation

Whenever I watch a motivational video, I feel motivated, to do more work. Motivation plays important role in our daily life. When we get motivated, different regions in the brain get connected by using dopamine.

Motivation doesn’t last long. You’ll see, motivation pass off with time. Certain activities laid us to do more, but it’s not permanent.

Highly focused people don’t rely on motivation. It’s impossible to remain motivated all time. Sometimes, we feel boring and we get distracted from our task. Focused people replace motivation with discipline. When you perform any task, with discipline, for a longer period of time, it becomes a habit.

I write every morning for 30 minutes. I do it without watching any motivational video. It became an easy process for me. Highly focused people believe in discipline. They are able to figure out their limitations and errors by practising discipline. If you are looking for motivation, then simply start living life with discipline. It helps you in the longer run.

2. They love routines

Humans love repetitions. In my area, We have many coffee shops, but I visit one of them for 3 years. It’s away from my home, but my brain doesn’t care. Visiting that coffee shop became routine for me. Our brains also love routines.

Highly focused people love routines. Studies have shown, in a class, students with a good study routine, scored higher marks than others.

When we perform the same task repeatedly, It reduces the amount of energy needed to perform the same task again and again. You feel more motivated and stress-free when you follow a routine.

When I started going for a morning walk, it was no cakewalk for me, waking up in the morning was a difficult task. After 30 days of consistency, I was able to complete my 30-day challenge and now, it is a cakewalk for me.

3. These people have a level head

When you focus on a single task, your brain thinks logically. I think it is the best advantage focus brings to you. Buddhist monk knows these secret, hence they invented meditation in a unique way.

A few years ago, I was struggling with random thoughts and mental instability. I started out meditation. Within a few months, I’m able to focus on my work and random thoughts evaporated like water.

I started focusing on small things, like reading newspapers or watering my garden with intense focus with no thought in mind. It helped me to cure my mental instability and helped me to concentrate on my work and personal life.

Focused people have a level head. They spend most of the time thinking about work or their next move. An empty mind can become home for random thoughts.

Focused people think more logically. Studies have shown, dopamine levels of highly focused people are normal and helps them to perform one task at a time.

You need to control your dopamine level. When I had an unwanted level of dopamine in my head, I was unable to focus on a single task. It’s too difficult for me to sit in one place.

I tried to control the dopamine level in my brain. You need to practice self-control. I did it. I started by eating less sugar. I turned off my phone during working hours. It worked for me, after practising for a month. You need to avoid bad habits and replace them with low dopamine activities which level your head.

4. They rewire their brain to do hard things

Watching Netflix is easier, than reading a book or cleaning the room. Highly focused people are able to do hard things. Manage time effectively to achieve small goals, helps focused people.

Using Google calendar for organizing my goals, and blocking my time to achieve my goals, helped me get better sleep at night. We make a to-do list to achieve productivity, and finally, end up scrolling Facebook or watching videos on YouTube. I think the calendar is the best option to achieve our goals.

You can easily rewire your brain by exercising daily and following a routine. You need to figure out whether you’re a day person or a night owl. Focused people use their time effectively with maximum output. Exercising and meditation, eating green vegetables and avoiding social Media helps them to rewire their brain.

Focused people are like rays of light with no or few distractions. Focus helps them to get success in their life. Focused people are happier and satisfied with their life.

You can start practising focus. It is part of self-improvement. If you are addicted to success like me, then go ahead and live a more focused life.

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